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Creating Prosperity, Issue #010 --
April 02, 2024

A Holistic Prosperity Perspective

Welcome to the next edition of the Create Prosperity newsletter! Since the last issue, I have been delving into the more spiritual aspect of prosperity. I take you behind the scenes of some of the tools and perspectives I have.

What's New

Welcome to the first newsletter in April!

There are some new happenings in the world of Create Prosperity. This month was the first month, in awhile, since new content has been released. The new page is goal setting visualization.

While this page does draw on a few concepts covered in other pages, it does add its own unique spin to visualization.

The next piece is I am working to support engaging visitors (you!) to interact, give your feedback, or even comment.

  • Recently added: new Facebook page. You can hop on over to the page at Create Prosperity Facebook. I post quotes or something inspirational on week days.
  • Recently added: new Meetup group. The Meetup group is located Creating Prosperity: A Mindset We recently did a very simple visualization as a pilot to see how it went. The person had typically had trouble with visualization, and she was able to visualize! Next event is To Be Determined.
  • Coming Soon: Adding the ability to share, comment on various pages.
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Prosperity Quote

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe." - Oprah Winfrey

Personal Prosperity Lesson

There have been so many prosperity lessons over the past few weeks. I think the biggest one is "things" will show up if you start looking for them.. It's like my friend said, if you start looking for a purple car, you will start seeing purple cars on the road.

It's been a magnetic manifesting few weeks. Alliteration was done on purpose. :)

The first event was I started looking for places to network in person. I spent two hours looking for something, on meetups. I had no idea so many events are now online!

Shortly, thereafter, I have a conversation with a friend. She asked if I had spoken to another mutual friend yet. Me: "No, why?" They were all planning to get together since another person was going to be in town.

That weekend, we had a really fun get together. Two weeks later, someone else came in from out of town and a different group of us gathered at someone else's home. There is at least one other gathering that is in the works for this month!

The prosperity lesson is you attract what you put your attention on.

Creating Prosperity brings you creative ideas on radiating your inner prosperity. You can use the ideas that work best for you.

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Creating Prosperity

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