Goal Setting Visualization:  
Powering Up The Prosperity Mindset

Goal Setting Visualization is more enhanced than your typical setting of goals.  Let us take a step back for a moment and think about goal setting though.  

Have you ever thought about setting a goal, and it felt like it would be akin to trudging through mud?  Did it seem like creating a goal would be tedious? 

I don’t know about you, but goal setting was more focused on achieving a result.  Focusing on the result which never seemed fun or fulfilling.  Enjoying the journey did not seem like a feasible opportunity.

To be honest, I was chasing results.  Chasing results seemed so arduous and life sucking that I honestly do not have New Year’s Resolutions.  I have New Year’s intentions.  They are more possibilities that I could fulfill on versus some result to aim for.

Goal setting visualization photo with man on peak watching sunset

What if goal setting was more fun and fulfilling?  What if the possibility and the results could be married together in harmony? 

What if visualization and the intention was added to the goal from the very beginning?

And, what if you coupled all of that to taking action?  In the event that you noticed you were drifting off course, you could adjust.

Now, that might be a goal worth pursuing. 

Before we get into further specifics of adding goal setting to visualization, let us create a little more context.  

You can follow the sections below next, or turn to the visualization tips page to look at goal setting visualization from another perspective before coming back here.

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Setting The Stage For Goal Setting Visualization

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

The first thing one has to deal with is whatever is there for you around prosperity.  

Goal setting visualization photo with paper napkin and coffee cup saying you are never too old to dream

If you have some limiting beliefs, then it would be useful to clear that out of the way beforehand. 

One way you can clear limiting beliefs is to talk to someone who has a keen listening

If you don’t have such a person, another thought is you can do a couple of the following simple exercises…

  • Imagine the limiting belief on a whiteboard.  Then, imagine it being wiped away. Keep doing that every time a limiting belief comes up.  
  • You can also imagine the limiting belief being surrounded by light.  Imagine the light dissolving the limiting belief.  

Adding Focus To Goal Setting Visualization

The next step is to keep your focus on what you say you want.  For example, it could be funding for a new project, a house, a car, more fulfilling relationships with friends and family, spiritual connection, peacefulness as you walk in nature, whatever it is for you.  Now, we are ready for the next step of goal setting visualization.

Goal setting visualization photo containing hanglider with inspiring quotes

Filling In The Details

The next step in goal setting visualization is to start enhancing your goal.  What is it that you specifically want to create?  As an example, you might have a goal like “I would like to participate in as much spiritual development, personal development, and professional development where money is not a concern".  

Then, you want to create a by when this goal will be realized.  Next, you add a bit more specificity to your goal.  Example:  I will acquire $5000 more in the next 3 months.  

Sometimes your goal may not seem achievable.  I know I have been there.  I thought my coach was a little bit crazy.  That is not the point.  If something seems out of reach, what you may need to do is a speculate a bit with another person.  Write down ideas, and do not filter anything out.  

If you need to go back to the exercise of clearing out limiting beliefs again, do that. Moving your limiting beliefs to the side will likely need to be an ongoing practice especially when you are playing big.

Okay, now we are ready for the visualization piece.

Goal setting visualization photo for setting a big dream vs none at all.  Large rock face as the back drop.

Envision The Goal As If It Has Already Happened

One of the things that I mentioned, awhile back, was looking at something as if this “shall be”.  This is where you begin with the end in mind.  You set the goal, and the EXPERIENCE you have in achieving the goal.  You also look at the IMPACT achieving the goal will have on others and the experience others have.

The article on The Art of Goal Visualization goes into another complimentary perspective of beginning with the end in mind.  

The more of an emotional connection you have to your goal, the more powerful goal setting visualization becomes.  The emotional connection and the experience you and others have will allow you to enjoy the journey.

Remember, you are standing in that the goal has been accomplished.  Now, you are taking actions to have the fulfillment of the goal manifest in reality.

Simple Goal Setting Visualization Exercise

The next phase is to add visualization to the goal you just created.  

  1. Take 10 min. or so to relax.  
  2. Relax the muscles in your toes.
  3. Relax the muscles in your feet, then your legs.
  4. Relax your abdomen.
  5. Begin to relax the muscles in your back.
  6. Relax your shoulders, and then your arms. 
  7. Relax your neck.
  8. Move up to the muscles in your eyes and your face.  Relax each individual area. 
  9. Take 20 slow, deep breaths and then begin to visualize.  

Imagine having completed on fulfilling the goal. 

  1. How do you feel?  
  2. What body sensations do you have?  
  3. What sounds do you hear?  
  4. What year is it?  What time of year is it?  
  5. What do you see?  What colors do you see?  Who is there?  
  6. What do you smell?  
  7. Is there any taste?  
  8. What are you experiencing?  
  9. Are you looking at this scene as if you are there or are you more of an observer?  
  10. Get as specific as you can while you are doing this. Then, slowly come out of the visualization.

Do this multiple times over the next 30 days.  Each time, notice how you become better and better in filling in the details of your visualization.  Let it be okay if you need to adjust the visualization over time.  

Goal setting visualization photo using the road into the horizon as context

Align Your Actions With Your Goal Setting Visualization

Finally, your visualization will help you come up with more ideas of actions to take.  

The recommendation is to keep your eye on the vision and goal while allowing yourself the room to adapt.

Sometimes you will be inspired to take an action that may not seem to align with your intention or visualization.  

That is okay.  You have to feel your way through it.  

Sometimes these actions will fit with your vision and intention in ways you could not imagine.  

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