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Creating Prosperity, Issue #003 -- A spiritual perspective of prosperity
April 12, 2023

A Holistic Prosperity Perspective

Welcome to the next edition of the Create Prosperity newsletter! Since the last issue, I have been delving into the more spiritual aspect of prosperity. I take you behind the scenes of some of the tools and perspectives I have.

What's New

Since the last issue, I have created two new pages.

  1. Lightarian™ Reiki: Here, I delve into one of the more powerful forms of Reiki that I know. I have found this style of Reiki (and associated spiritual development), to be very powerful in facilitating the attraction of prosperity whether it be money, job, or a good conversation with someone. This is where paying attention to the object of one's focus becomes very important. Please click here to visit the "Lightarian Reiki" page.
  2. List of Chakras: Here, I begin delving into the spiritual bodies at a very high level. This is by no means a comprehensive list of chakras. However, this page can begin to give you the underpinnings of how spiritual bodies can impact prosperity, well being, and life in general. Please click here to visit the "List of Chakras" page.

Prosperity Quote

"To rejoice in the prosperity of another is to partake of it." -William Austin

Personal Prosperity Lesson

The personal prosperity lesson I am sharing in this issue is more in the realm of connecting with one's inner joy.

There recently was a lot of chaos in a work situation that I found particularly draining. At some point, I opted to use some personal tools to shift my perspective to a more empowering one. This was because there was no guarantee that it would get better, and reacting was impacting my health.

One element that I took on was being present to joy. I started making sure that I do something that gives me joy whether it be writing, reading, or doing something that is an artistic expression for me.

I was also reminded of taking a moment to enjoy the cherry blossoms as they bloomed, and the green shoots starting to appear on the trees. Despite the itchy eyes, spring time is my favorite.

There was also taking to catch up on rest and conduct self care. Sometimes it is the little things that count. Ironically, as I did that, I found myself spending less money snacking, and more money on healthier food and beverages.

In short, prosperity and joy can be found in taking a moment to be present to the beauty around oneself.

Creating Prosperity brings you creative ideas on radiating your inner prosperity. You can use the ideas that work best for you.

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Creating Prosperity

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