List of Chakras:  
Impacting Well Being & Prosperity

We are going to delve a little deeper into the human energy field with a list of chakras.  Chakras are energy centers that are part of your spiritual anatomy.  They are connected to the aura and meridians.  

Each of these chakras a spinning wheels of light or energy.  The chakras get their energy from the life force.  In Chinese, this is called chi, in Japanese this is ki, and in Indian this is called prana.

While there are millions of chakras, we will only cover a very small subset of chakras. The most commonly known chakras are those that go from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  There are also chakras in your hands and feet, but we will not go into those.

My hope is that you come away with a better sense of the spiritual body, the push and pull between the spiritual body and every day life, and a taste of how prosperity is impacted.

list of chakras

Impact of Chakras on Overall Well Being

Within the chakras, you can find the energy of emotional disturbances, mental disturbances that can affect your physical health.  While one’s increasing health cannot always be associated with balancing the chakras, disturbances within the chakras can indicate emotional, physical or mental distress

Each chakra is part of the whole.  When one is out of balance, others are also likely out of balance.  Chakras can also get blocked where not enough energy circulates in and around them.  Blocked chakras may manifest as physical illness, emotional or mental distress, or a spiritual imbalance.

Tying this all back to prosperity...  To have the full effect of prosperity (i.e. thriving), one would want to have all of their chakras in balance.  Any imbalance would cause prosperity to go out of balance in some area of life.  

NOTE:  Not all physical ailments are related to imbalanced chakras.  In addition, if you work with any person who facilitates energy healing, it is recommended you also work with your doctor.  Energy healing is NOT a substitute for prudent medical care.

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Further Perspectives on Chakras

Chakras are but one element that can be used to fully assess and work to facilitate well being.  At times, Western medicine is the best recourse. 

But, then spiritual energy healing can be used to facilitate a smoother recovery.  Other times, the person having their chakras re-balanced needs to a way to release their stress or other negative emotions.

Additionally, the lower chakras are often viewed as being more connected to the earthly life whereas the higher chakras are often associated with the more spiritual plane.

That said, please note that one chakra is not more important or special than another.  They must all work in tandem for a fulfilled and balanced life.

In the links listed (coming soon!) in the next section, we will go over what the potential emotional and mental stressors are that affect different individual chakras. 

The physical and mental stressors can often manifest in different physical locations within the body.  However, as always, if you have a medical condition, it is also recommended that you see a physician.

List of Chakras:  An Overview

list of chakras and meaning

In the list of chakras below, you will get a high level overview of each chakra.  You will be able to click on the link (coming soon!) for at least 7 of these chakras to learn more about them.  

Further details will include how imbalance, in a specific chakra, can impact you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Please note:  while understanding more about chakras can help provide a new perspective for some situations, chakras are but one small element of our spiritual bodies.  

There are many different factors that impact life that are beyond the scope of this website. 

  • Soul Star Chakra:  The soul star chakra is not always mentioned.  The Soul Star chakra is above the head.  This chakra contains the soul’s mission.  You can think of this akin to your dharma or your reason for being.  You are already being your dharma. 
  • Crown Chakra:  The crown chakra connects us most prominently with spirituality, ethics, and values.  
  • Third Eye Chakra:  The third eye chakra is the center of intuition.  This is the kind of intuition where you open yourself even further to the Divine. 
  • Throat Chakra:  The throat chakra is connected with personal willpower, communication, and the ability to manifest in communication.  We begin to connect to the higher expressions of Divine Will or rather spirituality.
  • Heart Chakra:  The heart chakra is the center of Divine love and forgiveness.  beauty, and compassion.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra:  The solar plexus chakra is the center of personal power and personal integrity.  This chakra is the wellspring of being true to the highest version of yourself.
  • Sacral or Naval Chakra:  The sacral chakra contains the mental and emotional arena of sexual power, intimacy, and relationships.  This chakra is also the wellspring of creativity.
  • Root Chakra:  The root chakra is associated with one’s tribe – that is, the source of one’s existence.  Additionally, the root chakra is responsible for all things material in the earthly plane such as food, water, shelter, goods, money, wealth.  

Sources referenced:  Myss, C., PHD (1996). Anatomy of the Spirit. Three Rivers Press.

DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only. cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.