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Hello and welcome!  My name is Mary Miller, the person behind the create-prosperity.com site. 

The Washington Monument, with cherry blossoms.  The DC/Virginia area is where this global prosperity project was born.

The Journey Begins...

I grew up with a curiosity for many things from ancient cultures, to astronomy, to the mysterious chi behind some types of martial arts, spirituality, and eventually that love of doing anything that seemed entrepreneurial. 

That entrepreneurial drive was born by not wanting to have a limit on how much money I brought in.  At first, I didn’t have a particular empowering point of view about money.  It was all about getting rid of that pesky debt.  Not exactly a formula for attracting prosperity.  Ironically, the more I focused on debt, the more I seemed to accumulate.

In the meantime, I was coaching people who were entrepreneurial or were bona fide entrepreneurs in leadership classes.  They were doing amazing things – anything from promotions to tripling their business.  If they could do it, why wasn’t I doing it?

It was simple – I was coaching people on a mindset that they applied to different areas of their lives, work, and business.  I needed to start taking the coaching I was giving them!  I started dealing with my mindset.  Once I started dealing with my mindset, I started putting my attention on what I wanted versus what I didn’t want.

This resulted in a job that is a complete match for my vision - providing leadership and making a bigger impact while still having fun!

In addition, I currently have 11 financial goals, one of which I am fulfilling on 2 years earlier than planned.  In the meantime, I do something every day to foster a prosperity mindset.

Time To Give Back...

Me at Heavenly Mountain.  Consider this site project prosperity - doing the inner work and taking action.

Some time ago, I wanted to find a new way to channel my passions and give back to people.  How to do it on a larger scale?  Enter the SBI. 

SBI combined everything I loved – a way to tap into my entrepreneurial instincts, an opportunity to write and share my knowledge/passion, and the internet

I eventually settled on developing a concept that I love and that I am always playing with – the attracting and the actions that go along with it.

Looking for your own opportunity to tap into your passions and give back to people?  I highly recommend SBI.

Any questions?  Please contact us!

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DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only.  Create-prosperity.com cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.