Mind Visualization: 
Preparing To Manifest Your Reality

Mind visualization is a powerful tool.  Have you ever noticed that when you focus on a positive outcome, you get what you envisioned?


Maybe you keep focusing on what could go wrong and everything goes downhill from there?

Often we use mind visualization without thinking about it.  Let us use a simple example...

In the morning, some of you may already be visualizing what your commute will look like.  You may envision the traffic you will encounter, and how you will feel. 

The good thing and the bad thing is whatever we focus on we attract

Redwood Forest valley - use images to help you with mind visualization.

What Not To Do In Mind Visualization

In my case, I have done a lot of spiritual work and work with energy healing.  The result is that I will attract what I want to me even faster than I used to

This means if I focus on the good things I want, I will attract it very quickly.  The caveat is that if I focus on the bad things, I will also attract those very quickly.

There once was a time when I was supporting a person who was leading a course.  Since he didn't have time to go get his food, I made sure that I was able to get it for him.  He mentioned he hated it when his food was late.

I was so worried about his food being late, that the first time I had to get his food, I was 40 minutes late!  I was mortified!  

Powerfully Using Creating Visualization

If you want to attract something powerfully, it is much better to conscientiously visualize what you intend to manifest.

I find that visualization is at its best when I use meditations with a positive affirmation. In fact, I have a few meditations that I use regularly that use positive affirmations.

Beach on Kauai, Hawaii - you can start anywhere with mind visualization.  You can use photos such as this to help you tap into creativity, music or whatever works for you.

What then happens is how I begin to think and perceive the world shifts.  I keep bringing myself back to the vision of what I intend to manifest throughout the day.  Then, the actions I take begin to align with the new way of thinking.    And, wallah!  I end up with different results!

A simple example of this was shifting how I thought about my sister.  Most of the time, I was just irritated that she never returned phone calls, and would only respond to txt messages.  I visualized a sister who did not communicate, and that is exactly what I had!

After giving up the irritation about my sister, and I began visualizing her as a person who communicates.  I started getting clear on what I intended to accomplish, and then let it go. 

What did I do?  I started txting her questions like "What do you want for Christmas?  Please let me know by Dec. 19 as that is the last day I am shopping."

You know what happened?  My sister responded within 48 hours every time I txted her.  She even sent me a birthday card which she had never done before!  Sometimes you just have to give up being right about how something looks and create what works for people.

In the upcoming pages, we will delve into even more topics to deepen your knowledge of how to use this powerful tool of mind visualization.

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