Daily Positive Affirmations:
Vitamins For Your Mind

A lot of people use daily positive affirmations these days to improve their lives, to change how they think, to help them work towards their goals...  You name it.

It wasn't always this way.  And, there are still a lot of people who do not use a positive affirmation.  Some do not know about them, some do not think they work, and some only give affirmations a half-hearted try. 

But, wherever you are on the spectrum, about daily positive affirmations, they are ONLY one of many tools that you can use to help you manifest what you want.  If it is a tool that empowers you and works for you, awesome! 

If not, you can use any of the other methods (mind-visualization, self-forgiveness, vibrational energy healing, meditation) to speed you on your way to your goals.

But, let's take a second here.  What is an affirmation? 

Manifestation affirmation photo of Bell Rock

Affirmations Meaning

The affirm definition does not say, that you will fantasize about what you want to manifest.  It does not say you will daydream although daydreaming is a great form of visualization.  It does not say you state things negatively to yourself. 

What does the affirm definition say?

As defined by Merriam Webster the affirm definition includes such things as:

  • to state positively
  • to assert as valid or confirmed
  • to express dedication to

I would take this a step further and say an affirmation is a declaration.  A daily positive affirmation is where you take an opportunity to give power to your word or what you say.  There is an intention and an experience that arises as you speak your affirmation.

However, you do not get to do this only once.  To keep yourself aware/present of what you are creating ongoingly, I highly recommend practicing affirmations multiple times throughout the day until the affirmation naturally becomes who you are.

Daily Positive Affirmations I Use

  • I am happy
  • I am peaceful
  • I am enjoying my life
  • I am love

You may want to start and end your day with one of these affirmations or any affirmation that inspires you.

What Is Next?

This is just a starting point though.  We built the framework of the house, the overview. 

What we need to do is build the rest of the house when it comes to getting into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to have affirmations work

The nuts and bolts of affirmations are talked about in the articles I have put together for you below.  Let's open the door into the next phase...

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