The Human Energy Field:
A Behind the Scenes Look at the Manifesting Tools

You may be wondering why there is a page about the human energy field on this site.  What does this have to do with manifesting?

This page is more for those who are curious about some of the underlying elements that can impact your ability to manifest or fulfill on having what you set your mind to.

You can use this kind of information to see if you would like to include meditation or spiritual development to take you further and go faster.

What is the Human Energy Field?

Painting of aura colors.

What is this thing called the human energy field anyway?  Is it some new age, psychedelic jargon? 

Some people would consider this topic new age. 

Some people call the human energy field the aura. 

However, when I talk about the energy field, I mean your spiritual body also known as your energy body.

Just like your physical body, your spiritual body is very complex. 

However, we are only going to go through the simpler aspects of your spiritual body without going into too many details.

The Very Basics of the Energy Body

This spiritual body contains energy centers that are called chakras.  Energy also flows through meridians.  You can think of meridians like the veins of your spiritual body.  Whenever you have blocked energy in your body (in the chakras or meridians), you have dis-ease

Sometimes the energy cannot flow smoothly because too much energy is stopped up in one energy center (chakra).  Sometimes the energy cannot flow smoothly because there is a depletion of energy at the energy center (chakra). 

Sometimes the blockage of energy happens in the meridians.  And, sometimes not enough energy is flowing through a particular meridian.

What Creates Blockages in the Energy Body?

There are many things that can cause your spiritual energy to become unbalanced.  It can be stress, too many sugary foods, foods that your body does not handle well, lack of sleep, or even karmically related issues.

How to Create Balance in the Energy Body

Either way, if you can make sure that you have your energy systems in a state of balance, it will be much easier for you to manifest or create the vision you are intending to fulfill on. 

You can use any of the "tools" like forgiveness, a positive affirmation, and mind visualization to help balance out your energy systems. 

However, the most effective and reliable way to balance out your human energy field is to use spiritual energy healing in conjunction with the "tools" mentioned above.

Benefits of Balancing the Energy Body

When your energy body is in an optimal state, everything has the best opportunity to work better:  your health, relationships, finances, work, and anything in your life that is important to you.

Remember, you are a whole person.  That means when one area of  your life starts to work better, all other areas of your life are also impacted.

Before we go too much further, we will discover a little more about the energy body in the upcoming links.

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DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only. cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.

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