Spiritual Energy Healing Facilitation:
Greasing The Skids For Manifesting

Why is a spiritual energy healing facilitation page on a website that is about manifesting prosperity?  I have found that one of the most effective ways to fulfill on what people want is to combine spiritual growth and awareness with coaching.

So, how you can use it in the context of BEING prosperous?  Let's start with asking some questions about you.

Do the results you want seem to be coming to you in slow motion?


Do you get the results that you want, but there seems to be a lot of suffering?


Do you wanted something that satisfies not only your left brain, but also your right brain?

Facilitation of spiritual energy healing in the lower spiritual energy centers which include the spiritual energy center responsible for material gain.

This is where spiritual energy healing facilitation comes in.  When I combine coaching with energy healing facilitation, everything goes 10 times faster.

You might experience situations going 10 times faster.  You might experience situations occurring more smoothly, or you might experience more peace.  Spiritual energy healing facilitation encourages but does not guarantee any of the benefits mentioned above. 

My Experience Of Spiritual Energy Healing Facilitation

As an example, I once set a goal to make an additional $10,000 within a 6 month period.  So, what I did is I set myself up to receive a type of spiritual energy healing facilitation called Reiki every day.  Six and a half months later, I inherited $9,600.

I once used Reiki with the intention to facilitate manifesting an additional $1200 in about 6 weeks. This was a result of my awareness raising on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.  I became very focused on what additional actions could be taken. 

Woman practicing the facilitation of one form of spiritual energy healing.

When I began to operate at that level, more opportunities arose.  The important thing to note is that while I did use different spiritual techniques on myself, I did not daydream about what I wanted.  Action is just as important as meditating and healing.

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