Wealth And Prosperity:  Setting The Stage

We all want wealth and prosperity.  Some people have an abundance of financial prosperity, others wish they had it, others are just trying to survive, and still others have it and don't realize how much they have.

It's one of the things some of us strive our whole lives for, sometimes at the expense of happiness.  Some of us become dream chasers.  If only we had enough wealth and prosperity to do what we love.

But, maybe that is the problem.  What is the problem?

How we think about wealth and prosperity. 

Experience being wealth and prosperity now with an image of a sunset at a resort.

What if wealth and prosperity is not just money?  What if we have missed the mark?

In ancient times, wealth had a wider meaning of well-being.  Prosperity had a wider meaning of good fortune.

  • Do you have a wealth of friends and rich relationships?
  • Do you have a wealth of happiness?
  • What about a wealth of gratitude and appreciation?

I find it interesting that, sometimes, in the poorest of countries people are rich in relationships where in other countries people are rich in money and poor in relationships.

What if wealth and prosperity was more holistic:

Wealth and Prosperity can also be characterized as a family and people enjoying a Hawaiian lagoon.  You can make your wealth and prosperity as simple or as elegant as you wish.

An abundance of what you need to fulfill your life's mission and enjoy healthy and rich relationships with people?

Rich relationships are caused through communication.  And, love is a function of communication.

In this journey of discovering and uncovering wealth and prosperity, we will take a holistic view of it from many different angles.

We will look at the mindset, the experience, and even the spiritual aspect of developing (manifesting) prosperity.

First, we will look at the prosperity mindset.  Then, we will dig into removing the barriers to wealth and prosperity.  

The goal is for you to experience wealth and prosperity in every aspect of life, not just the financial end although we will focus on the financial aspect considerably.

Additional Wealth And Prosperity Resources

Here are some additional resources you can tap into...

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