How To Forgive Someone:
Setting Yourself Free

There is much to say about how to forgive someone.  But first, why talk about forgiveness on a site that is about prosperity?

Have you ever noticed that when you do not forgive someone, you just keep re-hashing the same situation in your head over and over?

Have you ever noticed that when you do not forgive someone, it seems like you are really stuck? What happens to your prosperity and material prosperity when you feel stuck?

Or, maybe you find other people acting the same way as that person you just cannot seem to forgive.  Only this time, it’s just in a different place with different people.

Maybe that person you just cannot seem to forgive is yourself.  Or maybe you just cannot seem to forgive a past situation you encountered.

How to forgive someone:  if you cannot find a way to forgive, you will likely find yourself as stuck as the car in the snow of this photo.
When you cannot seem to forgive, it’s almost like you shut down your ability to receive and contribute prosperity.

What we want to do in this section (and the upcoming pages) is free you up to encourage (not guarantee) the best situations that allow you to be receptive to prosperity

For that, let us delve into what is and is not part of how to forgive someone.

What Is NOT Part Of How To Forgive Someone

Forgiveness has nothing to do with condoning another person's actions.  Additionally, forgiveness does not mean that the other person is right.

Forgiveness does not mean give/take an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth.  There is not even anything about punishing the other person.

Letting go of the suffering is a great start in how to forgive someone.  Letting go of the suffering is symbolized with the photo of a couple holding hands.

What Is Part Of How To Forgive Someone

Forgiveness is about letting go of the suffering you are experiencing. 

You could be letting go of the anger and resentment you are feeling towards another person or even yourself.  It’s about letting go of the suffering about what happened in the past.  What happened in the past is NOT happening NOW.

I have heard the idea that when you don’t forgive someone or even yourself, it’s like eating poison and hoping the other person will die. 

Basically, when you forgive another person, you do it primarily for yourself.  Forgiveness gives you freedom and peace of mind. 

Then, you have access to begin receiving prosperity in the best way possible.

Tips On How To Forgive Someone

Some of you may now be thinking, "It's all well and good to let go of the suffering so that I may forgive someone.  But, HOW do I let go of the suffering?

When you play with the tips on the "How to Forgive Someone" page, you have access to peace of mind as symbolized by the butterfly taking flight.

I have a few tips on how to forgive someone.  You can use these for any person or situation you are dealing with.  You can use these tips for yourself if the person you need to forgive is you.

I have done all of these, and could probably spend a whole page on each tip.  Use the ones that will give you the most power.

  • The first thing to do is BE with all the emotions and thoughts that are there for you. 

    Do NOT add anything to your emotions and thoughts. Do NOT constantly re-hash what happened.  Re-hashing what happened keeps you stuck.

    At the same time, do NOT resist what is there.  Just let the emotions and thoughts be there.  I promise you, it really works wonders.
  • Have a commitment to forgive the person.  You have to be 100% committed.  If you are not committed to forgiving that person, that is okay.  Be very honest with yourself about that.
Access to how to forgive someone can be sharing your experience with a person who is impartial.  Here, the photo of two men symbolize communication.
  • Talk to someone who is impartial about the situation.  If they start agreeing with your viewpoint, then that person is not going to help you. 

    You need to talk to someone who can just listen.  Sometimes   the other person just listening can open something up for you.
  • Play with looking at the situation from different points of view.  We oftentimes have no idea why someone did what they did.  We can fall into the trap of THINKING we know why someone did what they did.
  • Give up being right about your point of view.  This does not condone what the other person did.  However, it will open you up to hearing the other person's side of the story - what was really there for them.

    When you can start to consider another point of view, what happened may start to lose its grip on you.  That is, some of the emotional charge may start to lessen.
Photo containing possible ways of being as you play with how to forgive someone.
  • Write a letter to that person sharing the lesson that you got from what happened, and how that contributed to your life.  But, don't send the letter.  This letter is for you to help you release your suffering.
  • Communicate with the person about how you saw the situation, and how you felt about the situation.  Do this from a place of being a contribution to yourself and them.  Find out their perspective, and BE OPEN to what they have to say.  Listen from compassion.

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