Prosperity:  Tithes And Offering

Tithes and offering – how do these two differ?  What does this have to do with prosperity?  Are you skeptical of the benefits?  Have you tried this before?

Are you unable to tithe and at a loss on how to get started?  Or maybe you have more than enough to tithe 10% and want to give more.  Maybe you have some additional questions.

I have included some additional resources at the end of this article (many of which are referenced throughout this article).  However, let us start with a bit on tithing first.

Tithes And Offering:  Start With The Tithe

Word art creating context for tithes and offering: give, share, contribute, generosity.

Tithing is one of the fundamental aspect of developing yourself as a prosperous being. 

In short, tithing is means giving 10% of your income to your spiritual organization.  I am not entirely sure of the details of how it enhances prosperity, but I know it works.

When you donate your time, money, or effort to an organization that is honest and has integrity, good often comes back to you in some shape or form. 

I have had this happen many times. 

One of the great things about tithing is that I become more aware of what I contribute and what I receive back. 

In other words, I am more aware of my own prosperity as I support the prosperity of others.

Check out benefits of tithing and tithing definition, at the end of this article, if you are skeptical.  And look, if it doesn’t call to you, don’t do it.  No one is making you tithe, and I would certainly not want you to feel guilty for not tithing. 

Tithing is one of those things to give openly, freely, and with joy.

It was originally meant to be given first to your spiritual teachers whether that be to your place of worship, your Reiki teacher or wherever you gain spiritual nourishment.

Now, I will not deny that there are some spiritual leaders who have abused tithing.  They have manipulated people into tithing and used those proceeds to live quite lavishly. 

Sun rays, tithes and offering can represent spirituality of the highest form.

I personally do not mind if a spiritual teacher lives well off of the tithing the organization receives.  My expectation that this tithing is used responsibly to prosper the organization and all the people in it. 

I would not appreciate a spiritual teacher flaunting about his or her lifestyle.  That, to me, is abusing the tithes given.

I am fortunate that I do not have that type of spiritual teacher/leader.  In fact, he is very humble and you would never guess how much he gives and is capable of giving. 

He is the essence of contributing prosperity via tithes and offering himself. 

He is rich in friendships, rich in people who actively learn from him, rich in health, and rich in his love for humanity.

When I tithe, I do so knowing that it will allow my spiritual community to grow, develop, and to be able to make a bigger impact.

If you are in debt and are not sure how to tithe, check out tithing while in debt at the end of this article.  Look, it is totally okay to be in debt and start your journey of tithing.  If nothing else, it will prompt you to put your financial house in order so that you can tithe 10% of your income. 

Spiritual light in the palms can symbolize the good karma you give (and receive) when contributing tithes and offering.

Tithes And Offering:  Ending With The Offering

You may still be wondering about the offering part of the tithes and offering topic.  What is an offering? 

An offering is whatever you feel compelled to give that is above and beyond what you tithe.  You are effectively sharing your prosperity with others when you make an offering. 

You can make an offering to a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or people who were impacted by natural disasters, etc.

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