Abundance Affirmations

Let’s begin a journey of using abundance affirmations for the kind of abundance that we envision or something better.  

Sometimes we get an abundance of something we do not want.  How about an abundance of cars on the road?  Or sometimes we get so much abundance we are not sure how to handle it all coming at us so fast. 

Use the mindset of Anything is Possible to navigate the maze of life when using abundance affirmations.

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

It’s important to release any limiting beliefs we have about abundance if we want to attract wealth and prosperity.  The opportunity is to be okay with what you have and what you do not have.

If you can let the fear, the anxiety and the worry be there, you can move through it to the other side.  Do not hang on.  Just be with itAs you are able to be with any limiting beliefs, you will be able to let go and move into the state of abundance.

Using abundance affirmations can be like climbing to the top of the mountain.  However, with transformation, there is always another level to reach for.

Trust The Process

Something that I have not addressed is that it is important to have faith.  What do I mean by faith?  I mean being present and in the moment, free from doubt or worry.

If you do not get what you want right away, keep doing the inner work. 

What you get in return will be far more fulfilling by doing the inner work versus taking a bunch of actions without having done the inner work. 

Myself and others have jumped into action a little too soon only to discover that what we ended up with didn't quite match what we wanted. 

We looked at what was missing, put it in and the next time we were much closer to having what we wanted.

On other occasions there was too much impatience.  Why were things not materializing?  What was wrong?  How can I make it go faster?  It was only when we let go and let the process unfold that we received what we intended.  Actually, in some cases, it turned out even better than expected.

Have the patience and the faith that it will turn out.  Keep doing the inner work, and keep moving forward...

Forest path:  Light the way with abundance affirmations.

Starter Abundance Affirmations

Remember, this is a journey and not a destination.  Once you are able to move through any limitations, you have an opportunity to put your attention somewhere and focus it like a magnifying glass that focuses sunlight on a piece of wood.

From there, you can begin creating a set of abundance affirmations that work for you.

Let us begin with some abundance affirmations that you can use throughout your day.  While these are suggestions to get you started, please use only those affirmations that speak to your heart – those will be the perfect ones.

  • I am an abundant being.
  • I attract abundance in all of its highest forms.
  • I trust myself to tap into an abundance of opportunities.
Use the image of a sunrise, at sea, to put you into a clear state of mind open to receive the effects of abundance affirmations.
  • I contribute to others as I graciously receive the abundance that is coming to me.
  • Abundance gravitates to me as I follow my Divine path.
  • I live in an abundant universe.
  • Every day, in every way, I become more and more abundant.
  • I overflow with abundance and easily give to others.
  • I am grateful for the abundance of love, aliveness, and joy.
  • I am the source of unlimited abundance.
  • Abundance is within me and around me.
  • I am worthy of abundance.
  • I attract abundance in fun, fulfilling, and creative ways.
  • I am amazed and grateful for the abundance I attract.
  • I easily play with the abundance I receive.

What other abundance affirmations might you come up with?  If you find something that sparks your creativity, don’t hesitate to run with it!

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