Attracting Prosperity

When attracting prosperity, how do you dig yourself out of the hole?  Or if you are already prosperous, how do you take it to the next level?

Let us look at these two questions.  Put yourself in the mentality of someone who might have asked these questions if they do not already represent you.  Which question feels lighter, more positive?  Which question feels heavier?

These hot air balloons symbolize keeping your point of view light when you are attracting prosperity.

If you picked the second question as feeling lighter, I would agree.  If you think about it, even if you felt you had to dig yourself out of a hole, the 2nd question still applies to you.  

So, let us look at attracting prosperity from the perspective that you are taking it to the next level no matter where you are. 

Does that feel different?  Now, let us imagine taking it to the next level beyond what you just considered.

What does that feel like?  What does that look like?  What actions would you be taking?

I may have gotten a little too far ahead of myself for the moment.  So, let us look at some additional ways of attracting prosperity - through integrity.

Integrity:  What Is It And What Impact Does It Have?

What do I mean by integrity?  Let us start by what I do not mean.  Integrity does not make you a good person if you have it, and a bad person if you do not have it. 

When you are attracting prosperity, integrity is key.  Remember, integrity is like having the spokes of the wheel all performing their function so the cyclist has the best opportunity to win the race.

Integrity is more like, if you have a bicycle that has some spokes missing, you cannot ride as fast up and down hills. 

However, the bicycle performs well if all the spokes of the wheel are present and performing their function as intended. 

If you are a racing cyclist having all the spokes of the wheel is important.  If you are just going out for a ride, having missing spokes may not matter to you.

In the realm of attracting prosperity, let us assume that you are more like the racing cyclist.

An Exercise In Integrity:  Attracting Prosperity

How do you make sure you have all the spokes of your prosperity wheel in order?

First, it is important to start where you are and then look at where you want to go

When you are attracting prosperity, notice where you are and where you want to go.

Do you know how much money you take in each month?  How much money do you spend each month?  How do you want to spend some or all of that money?

Once you do that, you can break down where you are spending your money each month

As an example, I found that I was spending about $200/month eating out which was more than normal over a 6 month period.  While that is okay, I wanted to save some of that money for other things I wanted to do like attending workshops or adding to my savings.

The next question was, what had me spending that amount of money eating out?  A couple of things that I discovered was that it is much easier to eat out in the new city I am in since everything is much more conveniently located. 

Another thing I noticed was that I wasn’t changing up my meals as much as I could which led to me getting bored with what I was eating, then I was also feeling more tired than I used to.

Okay, where is the tiredness from?  In actuality, the tiredness and the getting bored were tied to the same way of thinking – I have a lot I want to accomplish, and it just seemed easier to eat out.  In fact, I didn’t particularly enjoy the food any more than when I made it.  Making a meal has been one less thing that I have to do if I eat out.

Part of attracting prosperity can be joy and aliveness.

What could be a new way of looking at the situation? 

I could enjoy and be thankful for the nourishing food I was eating. 

I could make sure that I thought ahead and considered what kinds of foods I would enjoy eating that would not only be enjoyable and easy to make but also physically nourish me. 

The end result would be that I had more vitality and joy. 

While I am being full of vitality and joy, I accomplish more of my goals faster with ease and fun.

Time crunch problem solved and I get to save some extra money!!

A Deeper Look At The Exercise

Now, I do not know if you noticed, there were 2 important parts to this exercise.  First, I had a goal – to have more money for workshops I want to attend and to save money.  There were things getting in the way of having that fully realized.

The 2nd important piece that made the most difference was altering the mindset.  Once the mindset was altered, I envisioned what it would look like and experienced what it was like. 

These rocks symbolize the art of being present.  Being present is important when we are attracting prosperity to the degree desired.

Did you notice that I went from past tense to the present moment – that is, the here and NOW??  The resulting action is making more home cooked meals that I actually enjoy. 

Now, I am not going to lie.  I am still going to get something from Starbucks once or twice a week.  I am allowing myself that little pleasure. 

The difference is that I am now consciously spending my money with appreciation.  And, if you recall, attracting prosperity is not just about the money

In my case, I also get extra vitality, joy while accomplishing my goals with more ease and fun.  Since I have just started this new endeavor, I will have to update other ways that I begin attracting prosperity as we go. 

Your Opportunity To Play With The Exercise

Did you see yourself in this exercise?  If you see yourself in this exercise, what new insights do you have for yourself?  What could you now experience?  What new actions can you now take?

That is just one example of putting in integrity and attracting prosperity.  Often, making sure you are operating from an empowering point of view is the hardest part.  That said, integrity can be as simple as cleaning your home, your vehicle, knowing where you are spending your money, etc. 

I actually coached someone where we primarily dealt with integrity for 10 weeks.  Within 10 weeks, he tripled his business.  Integrity is holistic.  If you put it in say in your relationships with people, that could impact your finances, your enjoyment of work, your home, fulfillment etc. 

What is a list of items that you can put together to start putting integrity back into your life?  What does it look like for you?

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