Benefits Of Gratitude:
Attracting Prosperity, Happiness, & Well-Being

The benefits of gratitude are received by every person who consciously practices being prosperous.  In fact, more prosperity can come from practicing gratitude. 

Cafe gratitude in the morning - a little reminder of the benefits of gratitude.

However, gratitude is not always something so easy to practice. 

Gratitude requires conscious effort when you are dealing with circumstances you do not like.

But, what if I told you that even people who have everything, all the finances they could want and more, are sometimes some of the loneliest people on Earth? 

See, having material wealth does not mean you are prosperous especially if you cannot be grateful.

How then, would gratitude benefit your prosperity and overall well-being?  Let’s take a look.

Benefits Of Gratitude:  Enhancing Prosperity

Okay, what are the benefits of gratitude in the realm of prosperity?  If you think about it, you attract more of what you think about.  If you are thinking about how appreciative you are of what you already have, and how far you have come, you will attract more. 

Gratitude images can help us be more attractive to prosperity.

Maybe you will attract little things at first.  Maybe it is a set of towels to replace towels that are wearing out.  Maybe you start to see opportunities that you had never considered.  Maybe you see opportunities to partner with people in fulfilling the ideas that you have.  In being grateful for what you have, maybe you are able to learn a lesson from a painful circumstance that you can apply in the next business deal or the next interaction with someone. 

The opportunities are endless.  I consider gratitude a doorway to surrender.  When you are able to surrender (i.e. just being in the moment), you allow situations and opportunities to unfold that you may have never considered.

Benefits Of Gratitude:  Better Relationships

Gratitude can genuinely improve your relationships with people.  When was the last time you thanked someone for what they provided and turned you down?  While people may not always feel comfortable in receiving acknowledgment, I think we all generally appreciate being acknowledged.

One of the things that I love doing is acknowledge people.  On some level, it can start out for acknowledging them for what they did.  That is really cool. 

Another level is acknowledging people for who they are for you and what people are committed to. 

You don’t have to dig deep for this.  All you have to do is be present to what actions that person is taking every day.  The actions give away that person’s commitment. 

It could be that they are spending a lot of time to provide for family.  Or maybe they talk about vacation a lot, and fun is something they are committed to as well as sharing the joy that they experience.

When people are fully acknowledged for who they are and what they are committed to, it touches something deep in their soul.  That kind of gratitude makes people known, heard, and they may even discover who they are for themselves and others on a whole new level. 

Benefits Of Gratitude:  Fulfillment At Work

Work is a funny thing.  I know there is the suggestion that giving people awards to recognize them brings them can make them feel appreciated.  And, it absolutely can.

Gratitude at work can elevate everyone on the team.

I would like to take it a step further.  What if employees know that they are appreciated every day? 

I can honestly say that I would take genuine appreciation of the work I do every day over an award (although those awards can be pretty nice).

It’s nice to come to work knowing that your boss and your co-workers really value your work.  At the same time, I genuinely appreciate the work and expertise of my teammates.  I also love who they are for me. 

The benefit of gratitude is a really good team that gives their all.  These are some of the most committed people I have ever worked with.  You can’t replace a team like that.

Benefits Of Gratitude:  Happiness & Well-Being

Another benefit of gratitude is people are genuinely happier when they practice gratitude regularly.  Per a great article on DailyHealthPost, gratitude rewires your brain to be happier and healthier. 

The importance of gratitude is that it has the opportunity to magnify with each person who receives gratitude.  The likelihood is that gratitude will be paid forward many, many times.

One of the best things about working on this site was reading all the article on gratitude.

I experience a lot of joy every time I read about gratitude and people’s experience. 

Also, acknowledging people, who they are, and what they are committed to is absolutely amazing.  Not only do they grow 2 feet taller for themselves, who they are as a possibility instantly magnifies.

And, with happiness comes better health.  Your brain releases chemicals depending on whether you are happy or unhappy.  The chemicals that get released when you are unhappy often show up as stress or some kind of ailment in your body. 

When you are happy, the body relaxes, you enjoy life, you take better care of yourself.  I once heard a story where someone had cancer, and one of the things they did was watch a lot of movies that made them laugh.  While one cannot say how their miracle of healing arose, gratitude and happiness certainly did not hurt.  Gratitude and happiness goes hand in hand.

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