Benefits Of Visualization:
The Foundational Elements

The benefits of visualization create the maximum opportunity (but does not guarantee) for you to realize your goals while positively impacting your well-being at the same time.

You get to mentally walk (i.e. envision) the journey to your end goal before you take action in real life.


Forest pathway symbolizing the pathways that open up when using the benefits of visualization.

If this seems like one more thing to do, consider the following: 

When you go to work in the morning - you already envision your destination and how you will get there before you ever leave your home.  If you do not envision your end destination and you started thinking about something else, you might not end up at your intended destination.


Before you go to the grocery store - you create a list of what you need to buy, you envision yourself going to the store, and how you will get there.  Later, you probably envision yourself buying what you need and paying for your food.

When you do not envision these things, you may buy more or less of what you needed or wanted.  Maybe you forget to buy something.

The point is that visualization is very simple. You already know how to do it.  The  opportunity is to consciously practice visualization.  You can direct the power of your imagination in multiple areas of life including prosperity.

Examples Of Visualization In Practice

Some of you may know that many athletes use visualization as part of their practice before a competition.  I have considered sports more of a mental game on many an occasion.

Athletes often see the benefits of visualization even if they do Hatha Yoga.

Top performing athletes play and re-play images of the competition they would be in before the competition ever happens.

In fact, there is a study of Olympic athletes that have been referenced by a few sites.  The group that spent the most time doing mental training performed the best.

The same areas of the brain that would be activated when performing the act of competing are stimulated when the athletes envisioned performing in their competition.

The study is referenced in this article: 
Here's The Trick Olympic Athletes Use To Achieve Their Goals

Other people who have used the benefits of visualization are:

  • Michael Jordan used to visualize himself taking the game winning shot.
  • When Jim Carey was a struggling actor, he used to visualize himself being a great actor.

My Personal Experience With Visualization

I have used the benefits of visualization on many occasions.  One example is that I visualize how a coaching call will go.  I view the person I am about to speak to as a powerful person who is fully capable of achieving what they say they are creating.

I have received the benefits of visualization just by taking a moment to visualize the outcome of a coaching conversation.  Here, a woman sits peacefully on the beach.

The person being coached often fulfills on what the spoken intention.

And if the person does not fulfill on what is said?  The person is much closer in fulfilling their intention, and has a better understanding of how to get from point A to point B.

Tips For Manifesting What You Visualize

Visualization is not a guarantee for success.  However, one of the benefits of visualization is that it helps make the road to success much easier.

As you visualize your goal, you will most likely come up with ideas for actions you can take.  If the action you took did not work out, no problem. 

You can course correct and take another action.  This is like riding a bike on a trail.  You navigate around the rocks and stones in your way.

Use the benefits of visualization to navigate your path through life.  A bike ride through a forest symbolizes navigating a path.

Use visualization as a tool to imagine your net worth increasing, or having that amazing conversation with another person, or fulfilling your goals.  From there, look at what new actions open up.  Continue playing with visualization, setting the intention, and letting the intention go. 

Other Benefits Of Visualization

Visualizing and experiencing the outcome, in your mind, creates the best opportunity for fulfillment your intention. 
You can play out the scenario the way you intend it to go.  You can experience the inspiration and joy you would feel throughout the process. 

When you visualize in that way, there are positive benefits to your health.  If you do not believe me, check out this article on how thoughts and emotions impact health: How Do Thoughts & Emotions Impact Health?

In addition, you focus the power of your mind like a laser beam.  Setting an intention and visualizing the intended outcome is how you begin with the end in mind. 

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