Creative Visualization Techniques:
Unlocking Your Potential

Creative visualization techniques can assist you in pulling what you want towards you more effectively and easily. 

You can use one of these techniques or all of these techniques.  Some of these exercises can be used to enhance what you are already doing. 

You do not have to worry about doing it right or getting it perfect.  The idea is to start somewhere.  Then, as you practice, you can look at the visualization tips page to help you hone your ability to visualize. 

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Creative Visualization Techniques Through Collaging

I love using collaging as one of my creative visualization techniques.  This is almost a meditative practice.  The use of images is very powerful

What is interesting is that my best collages are NOT filled with pictures of what I want.  Instead, the conglomeration of images convey the essence of what I want

For example, I have a few collages that capture the essence of peacefulness and spirituality.  I can honestly say that I have completely manifested that in my life, and it touches every aspect of my life sometimes in very surprising ways.

Creating a collage that captures the essence of what you intend to create is one way of implementing creative visualization techniques.

My worst collages are the ones where I only focused on what I want.  They are almost "dead" because they do not capture the essence of what I am manifesting.  They really represent more the doing which is very unfulfilling.

How do you use collaging to help visualize?

You can do this in one of two ways.  You can first create a collage of all the obstacles that get in the way of what you want.  You can use this as a way of clearing out all the gunk. 

Then, you can create a collage that represents what you truly intend to manifest.

The other option is to go straight for creating a collage that represents what you truly intend to manifest.

To collage:

  1. Get a set of magazines that will assist you in making your collage.
  2. Set an intention for what you are collaging.  This is like you directing the focus of your energy.  If you intend to use this collage for clearing out the gunk, use that intention. 

    If you intend to use this collage for helping you visualize what you intend to manifest, ensure you spend a minute or two considering the essence you want to manifest.
  3. Release your intention - i.e. don't think about it.  Whatever you do next will be perfect and a natural expression of what you intend.
  4. Go through the magazines and tear out whatever image speaks to you.  Do not worry if it does not make sense.  It will once you put it all together.
  5. Pull it all together in a way that seems natural to you...  That is do NOT think about it.  Like the Nike slogan, "Just do it!"
  6. When you take a look at your collage, become aware of what the whole of the parts really mean to you.  What emotions do you experience? 

Once you complete the collage that shows what you intend to manifest, ask yourself can you imagine yourself having what is in your collage? 

Businessman visualizing.  Visualizing is one of many creative visualization techniques.

Ask again, what emotions do you experience?  Is this a reach for you? 

If so, imagine yourself growing into what you intend to manifest.  Can you ask for something better? 

Make sure you post your collage someplace where you will see it every day.

What if you are not satisfied with your collage?  That is okay, you can try again and see what you come up with. 

I found that I became better and better the more I collaged.

Write Yourself A Check

Want some more creative visualization techniques?  Here is another idea with real life examples...

Some people have literally written themselves a check.  For example, when Jim Carey was a struggling actor he wrote  himself a check for "acting services rendered" for $10 million dated 1994.  In 1994, he landed a movie role that garnered him $10 million.

You can use this photo of a $1 million check as one of your creative visualization techniques.

The lesson here is to really visualize yourself in the role that you want to have.  Be and act the way you would have to be and act to manifest your reality. 

You can take the philosophy of Will Smith:  "If I want to do it, it’s done done. It’s already done the second I decide it’s done, it’s already done, now we just have to wait for ya’ll to see."

Don't take my word or their word for it, though.  Try it out for yourself.  Play with it, and see what additional creative visualization techniques you can discover in the area of money or whatever is important to you.

Creative Visualization Techniques:  Meditation

I do not have much else here to say about meditation that is not already covered in the visualization tips page.

However, you can spend as much as 1 minute or 15 minutes doing this.  You can even do this throughout the day whenever you think about what you intend to manifest.  This is akin to daydreaming in some ways.

Woman facing the sunset on the beach while meditating.  Meditating is one element of creative visualization techniques you can use.

The easy version is to allow yourself 10-15 minutes where you will not be interrupted.  Allow yourself to relax...

Relax the muscles in your feet, your legs.  Relax the muscles in your torso, your back.  Relax the muscles in your arms and shoulders.  Relax your neck.  Relax your face.

Begin to visualize what you intend to manifest where you are in the starring role.  What room are you in?  What are you doing?  Who are you talking to?  What do you feel? 

Do this every day if possible or as often as you feel is needed. 

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