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There is not much on the example of prosperity on the world wide web.  Most of what you find are definitions of prosperity.  However, I intend to give you examples of prosperity so that you may begin to see yourself in these stories.

As this site progresses, you will see more and more stories of people being prosperous and becoming prosperous.  Let us begin with a collection of stories that you may be looking for right now.

Example Of Prosperity We Take For Granted

As I was hunting for a great example of prosperity, I ran across this site on progress and prosperity.

In it, the author goes through some examples we take for granted these days.  Granted, that what she presents, is her own view.  That said, let us think about it for a minute.  How much more prosperous are we than our ancestors from 100 years ago?

Example of prosperity we take for granted.

We live longer, we are able to take better care of our health, and we generally make more than our ancestors could have ever dreamed.  We also have more technology at our disposal.

With all that said, it could be increasingly easy to become more and more disconnected from each other with all of the technological advances we have. 

In addition, healthcare and education costs have skyrocketed in the U.S. in ways that have not, necessarily, done so in other parts of the world.

And, while it would be easy to complain about these high costs (and many of us do complain), the type of healthcare and education that we now have available to us would have been unprecedented 100 years ago (and so would the cost).

I think the take away here is that while our prosperity increases over time, we become aware of the impacts or we begin to desire something more or even policies have unintended consequences that are not seen for several years.

While I think it is good to appreciate how far we have come, we have yet a long ways to go.

In the meantime, let us look at an example of prosperity (not so drastic) that happens in every day lives…

Example Of Prosperity Where Integrity Was Applied

Some of my favorite people to coach have been entrepreneurs.  I am not exactly why that is.  It just happens to be that way.

I think some of my favorite stories revolve around entrepreneurs who simply did nothing more than put integrity into the business

Applying integrity is an example of prosperity.

I know of one person who operated a fencing company.  His business was relegated to a section of the city he lived in.  All he did was make sure that he showed up on time to the customer site, complete his projects when he said he would, and if he could not do that, he let his customers know right away. 

Basically, he managed the expectations of his customers, and made sure he stayed in communication with them.  Result?  He hit his goal of making a million dollars in the middle of the U.S. recession in the first decade of the 2000s. 

It is a rare thing to find a contractor who will operate with that level of integrity which is what differentiated him from his competition.

Prosperity And The Impact On Relationships

An entrepreneur I had the pleasure of coaching owned 2 restaurants and a catering business.  He and his wife would not delegate the work of his catering business so that they could attend the events that they had agreed to attend.  There was a fear of letting go.

Creating partnership and teamwork is an example of prosperity.

In being developed to empower their employees to take over that the business owner developed a tremendous appreciation for his employees.  He was incredibly moved by them. 

In fact, he had been prejudiced against people who had come from his own country, and that prejudice dissolved in the simple act of letting go and empowering them to manage the catering business in his absence. 

It was an incredibly inspiring and beautiful thing to watch him open up and discover his working relationships and customer relationships unfold.

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