Forgiveness Prayer/Process:
Resolving Conflicts

I have a forgiveness prayer, or really process, that may assist in releasing suffering with more ease and grace than conventional methods. 

When you can release any suffering you are holding onto, then your ability to manifest prosperity increases.  It is like cleaning out the clutter in your closet. 

With conventional methods, it can take years to forgive someone even at the level of subconscious.

A heart shaped stone representing the love that is required for a good/peace rendering forgiveness prayer.

Have you ever said, I forgive so and so?  Then, the next time you see them, all that resentment and anger towards that person comes up for you? 

Maybe you forgive the person again.  But then something else triggers that resentment and anger towards the very same person.

I know I have had that experience.  There are a couple of ways to work on forgiveness. 

Before We Begin...

You can say a forgiveness prayer before talking to the person.  Maybe you need to do it 3 times or 10 times before you talk to the person.  Do not use this as a way to hide out or avoid talking to someone.

Believe me, I use both communication and inner work in forgiving people.  Using both is very, very powerful and is the most effective pathway to forgiveness that I have found.

What I am doing now is giving you a starting point.

The Forgiveness Prayer/Process

You can start off by relaxing every part of your body.  Get into a good, comfortable position. 

Then, use mind visualization to see yourself and the other person surrounded by a protective bubble of pure white light.  Let go of any attachment to how the process will turn out. 

If you need to cry, cry.  If you need to feel anger, let it be there.  Be in the stillness, and do not attach any meaning or perception to what you are experiencing.

Imagine that your best self is talking to their best self.

Forgiveness Prayer:  The greatness in me honors the greatness in you.  I accept you the way you are and the way you are not.  I love you.  I forgive you.

Then, let it go.  Whatever happens, the point is to leave you in peace no matter what happens or does not happen.

Another Powerful Resource

Again, this is a very good place to start.  Additionally, a spiritual development process has come out that works with forgiveness just as if not more powerful than the process I shared with you here. 

What it does is unlocks the unforgiveness that the subconscious holds onto.  Without forgiveness, you are almost subjecting yourself to a kind of personal hell.  The process will help you you forgive with more speed.

NOTE:  I do NOT make anything from the spiritual development process.  I share this because I have found the meditation to be very, very useful and effective.  The meditation is called Relationship Development

My Experience

I have used a type of forgiveness prayer/affirmation to transform myself before restoring a friendship that had ended with a friend of mine.  Restoring love and affinity is what I chose to manifest at the time.

Man rejoicing in a field with arms outstretched.  This is the experience you can have after doing a forgiveness prayer and releasing resentments.

I had never had a friendship break off before.  I have had friendships drift apart, but never one that ended badly.

For me, having a complete loss of love and affinity with another person does not work.  I really do expect myself to restore a relationship.  It is a standard or value that I choose to live by. 

In this case, I did lots and lots of spiritual development that included forgiveness.  However, the love and affinity was not totally restored.

Maybe I was the one that needed to make the difference.  One day, I decided it was time to call the person.  I did not know how it would go or even if I wanted to restore the friendship.  I just knew that my main goal was to restore love and affinity.

I reached my friend on the first try.  She could not talk then.  So, I called a couple more times that day. 

The conversation started out pretty bumpy.  I did not know what I was going to say or how it was going to go.  I really just played with the conversation with the intention to restore love and affinity.

At some point, I discovered what was really bothering my friend.  I also discovered that she wanted me to take responsibility for what happened. 

When I say responsibility, I do not mean blame, guilt or pointing fingers.  I mean responsibility from the point of view that I said and did something that did not work for her.  It was as simple as that. 

I did not feel like I had good footing on the re-established friendship for a few months after that because we really were re-inventing the friendship.  The friendship was not going to look like it did before we fought. 

Since then, we have had many amazing conversations.  Sometimes we still get mad at each other.  However, the important thing is that we communicate when that happens.

That is just one thing that happened out of using a forgiveness prayer/process.  There have been other amazing things that have happened even when I dedicated a prayer/process to other people.

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