Gratitude Letter

A gratitude letter is a great way to express thanks and appreciation for those people who have or do make a difference for you.  Too many times, people go through their day not knowing the difference that they make for others. 

A gratitude letter is a gift to the person who is receiving it.

On the gratitude quotes page, there is a quote that indicates that an expression of gratitude is a gift that can light other people up.  The expression of gratitude can also brighten your day. 

In the realm of prosperity, it is a way to have your relationships thrive whether it be with a co-worker, a friend, a family member, a coach or any other person you meet.  Remember, elevating your relationships elevates your prosperity (thriving) in all areas including material prosperity.

A gratitude letter can be very, very simple.  It can be as simple as a thank you card, an email, or a written letter.  The most important thing is that the letter come from the heart.  You do not have to get it right.

The Difference A Gratitude Letter Can Make

I remember that I took on sending Thank You cards to each person on a team that I was leading.  The outside said, “Thank You”. 

In the inside, I wrote a personal note to each person where I acknowledged who they were for me, the team, and the people in the course we were supporting.  I acknowledged them for who they were as a possibility.

A gratitude letter can come in the form of a personal note or even an email.

One person later told me that it brought tears to his eyes because no one had ever taken the time to do that.  You just never know the difference you will make.

In other instances, people have sent in a note of gratitude as part of a question for a person facilitating a teleseminar. 

What was really neat about the whole experience is that it gave the facilitator a chance to read them to the people on the call. 

The notes gave the newer people an example of what they could expect and look forward to from the call that was designed to make a difference for everyone.

And finally, if you want more stories, you will find a neat story where someone where someone writes a gratitude letter and the difference it made.

Other Times You Can Create A Gratitude Letter

You can also write a letter of gratitude to someone who has passed on.  If that is the case, write your letter. 

You can always write a gratitude letter to someone who has passed on.

Then, ask someone to represent the person who has passed on so that you can read the letter. 

When you read the letter, even for someone who is standing in for another person, it will bring closure. 

And, hey, if you want to write a letter of gratitude to the Earth, you can do that too!  There are really no limits here other than your imagination.

If You Need More Guidance In Writing A Letter

Feeling stuck on how to write a letter of gratitude?  It’s pretty simple.  However, if you really want a more structured way to write one, check out How to Write a Letter of Appreciation:  Helpful Tips and Examples.

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