Gratitude Stories: A Journey

Gratitude stories are a powerful way to illustrate gratitude at work whether in the field of prosperity, relationships, business, health, fulfillment, or joy. 

If you are wondering how effective gratitude really is or you just want some inspirational gratitude stories, this page is for you.  Let us begin.

Part 1 Of Gratitude Stories: 
Gratitude Leads To Effectiveness

My first story of gratitude begins where a story in inspirational gratitude quotes left off.  There was one three month period where I took on being accountable for the expansion of a leadership program in the eastern half of North America.  I was intimidated and scared.  Who I am to make a difference?

In the beginning, I struggled.  There was not an obvious structure to making this happen.  It had to be created.  We had at least one leadership team on the verge of disappearing because it was too small.  So, we could not focus on expanding where we thought. 

A leader made a profound difference for me with this story of gratitude.

We had to consider what the leader needed instead.

I was pretty sure that whatever I was providing was not what was really needed. 

I asked simple questions about what was working and what wasn’t working

I wanted to hear from people who were really struggling and the people who were very successful. 

The person who was accountable for my success started acknowledging me every week.  At first I didn’t believe him and what he said about me. 

I am really not that!!  But, he kept acknowledging me as the future that he saw me becoming.  

Slowly but surely things started to turn around in the expansion of the leadership program. 

He kept acknowledging me, and sometimes became firm when I was being resistant or resigned.

I kept going.  And, then we hit a certain momentum.  He still kept acknowledging me.  At this point, things were going very well.  I really wanted him to stop acknowledging me because I was like, “Okay, I am succeeding.  I don’t need any more acknowledgment”.  But one can never have too much acknowledgment

This story of gratitude resulted in a team coming together.

We ended that quarter with 233% more people opting to participate in the leadership program than the previous quarter. 

The team that was about to disappear, did what they needed to do to continue on.  In fact, they tripled in size within about 12 months. 

There was such an establishment of relatedness that the people who participated on the call kept looking for me when we all came together in person. 

They were an incredibly powerful group of people with whom I felt very connected.

To this day, I have not forgotten the powerful lesson of acknowledgment and who people can become inside of it.  I have paid acknowledgment forward many times over since then.

Part 2 of Gratitude Stories:
Gratitude Leads To Trust

I was coaching someone who was in the food industry.  They really wanted to skip an important piece of their leadership program because they didn’t want to leave their businesses.  Who can blame them?

One of the gratitude stories ending in being the compass for the people I coached.

It was a long road in coaching them, and I often did not know how I was going to support them given all of their concerns. 

But, I tag teamed with another person to ensure the people I coached had what they needed, and applied the principles of leadership to their life.  It proved to be life changing.

They made it through one of the important pieces of their leadership program. 

That meant they had to empower other people to run their business when they were away.  It was a scary moment for them. 

During the weekend, one of them experienced an incredible amount of gratitude for who his employees were and what they are capable of doing.  It was incredible to hear.  After that, there was no problem turning over the business to a team of people. 

Eventually, these people became the movers and shakers in the program.  However, they only became the movers and shakers out of allowing people to contribute to them and out of their gratitude to people.  Gratitude is magnetic, and they began to create community where community didn’t exist before

Part 3 Of Gratitude Stories:
Impact Of NOT Receiving Gratitude

I was coaching someone through a tough time they were having.  I cannot remember the exact circumstances.  However, she was profoundly appreciative. 

Unfortunately, I listened to someone else who felt that I didn’t make a difference with that person.  So, I did not accept my friend’s gratitude for the difference I made. 

The art of gratitude includes being able to receive acknowledgment.  Blocking off acknowledgement limits additional opportunities later.

If you cannot accept their gratitude, the person does not get to contribute back to you with appreciation. 

You shut off all opportunities for blessings and good things to come your way.

The lesson learned here is that people get to say how you made a difference for them.  No one else. 

If a difference is made for that person, accept their gratitude and use it to help build them up to the next level.

Those are my gratitude stories.  Want more?  Here is one more story of gratitude about a janitor that I found to be very powerful.

What stories of gratitude do you have?  How has gratitude made a difference for you and the people in your life?

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