Health Benefits Of Gratitude

Has you ever wondered about the health benefits of gratitude?  Can gratitude really make an impact?  I intend to share a little bit about the health benefits of gratitude as a way to help motivate you to consider practicing or even being in a state of gratitude.

I think it is important because it is one of the things that you would want to do to be as open as possible to prosperity.  However, you have to have your health in tact to create the environment where you would be open to prosperity, peace, love, and health.

My Experience Of The Health And Gratitude

For me, gratitude is much easier when I am well rested and healthy.  It’s so much easier to be in a state of gratitude even when things are not going the way I want them to. 

When I practice gratitude - I often feel more at ease, I am considerably more connected to my intuition, ideas come more easily, and I feel more rested.  If I am not well rested or I am stressed out, I can actually feel like a cold is coming on.  I am definitely not in the place of experiencing gratitude in that moment.

If you think about it, nothing really works if you are stressed out or your well-being is compromised.  So, it’s useful to get that good night’s rest that you need.  You can still experience and express gratitude, but it may be a bit harder.

Health Benefits Of Gratitude And Studies

The studies on the health benefits of gratitude are mixed.  Some people experience better sleep, less stress, fewer headaches, and fewer digestive issues. 

I suspect that when you are experiencing all of the above, you are more motivated to eat well which further enhances your well-being.  Once you start the cycle of gratitude, it almost seems to build on itself. 

See this interesting article for more on the health benefits of gratitude and what studies have found - “Is Gratitude Good for Your Health?” 

The Connection Between Spirituality & Gratitude

I personally believe that there are spiritual benefits to gratitude as well.  I have often heard a great spiritual teacher say something to the effect that if we knew what we looked like when we wallow in a negative state, we would never wallow in a negative state again.  I cannot see that; however, I may only be able to imagine the tiniest bit of what that might look like.

However, if you can operate in the spirit of gratitude (pun intended), you feel lighter, happier.  It’s almost like you are more open to what the universe has to offer.  You are more surrendered, open to contribution. 

When you are all of these things, your health can only go up.  When you are in a positive state of mind, your body releases chemicals that can only support the body. 

Want to know more?  Read this article for more about the different chemicals that your body releases when you are in a positive state of mind. 

It’s easier to stay healthy, you appreciate the food you eat, you want to eat better so that you feel better and more alive.  It’s almost like you become the radar and the magnet for all that is good.

And, when you are healthy and happy, you are more open to financial and material prosperity, better working relationships, love, the beauty of the sunset, and you have peace.

Remember, dis-ease and stress are the lack of ease in the body.  Gratitude takes you a place where you de-stress.

What are you grateful for today, and how has that impact your health, prosperity and peace?

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