Law Of Attraction And Money:
Relax Into Prosperity

The Law of Attraction and Money go hand in hand.  I am going to use this opportunity to present another angle on different principles associated with using the Law of Attraction with Money.  It's a fun topic, and fun to see how one works with it. 

I am going to begin with the highlights covered by the 7 Laws of Attraction site.  Two concepts were already covered in the opening sections of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Law of Attraction and Money allows for abundance!

I am going to add a personal spin to each concept, and let us see if you can connect in a way that allows you to have a new insight and see a new action that you can take for yourself.

Law Of Attraction And Money:
Accessing The Law Of Unwavering Desire

Using the Law of Attraction and Money from the view of unwavering desire  is interesting from the perspective that you must be fully committed to what you say you want.  For example, for the longest time, I wanted to lead Communication Courses for a training and development company. 

However, I kept waffling.  Did I want it, did I not want it?  I was indecisive and seemed confused as to what I really wanted.  In the end, I did not achieve that goal.  It was something that I had wanted for a long time, but my focus and what I wanted had now change.  If I had actually been straight about what I wanted, I would have wasted much less time waffling back and forth. 

Law of Attraction and Money works when you stay true to your commitment.

In another case, I kept waffling between pursuing another job and not pursuing another job. 

It wasn’t until I became fully committed that I actually broke through and landed a job after years of being on the fence. 

I took meaningful action that would get me from point A to point B.  I hired a company that specialized in assisting people with landing the kind of job that is a good fit for them.  The only reason it took me 8 months to land the job was because I didn’t take all of the recommended actions, and I still waffled a bit. 

That said, I didn’t land just any job.  It was the kind of job that fit the vision of what I wanted – the opportunity to provide leadership, have a bigger impact, that allows me to be creative and entrepreneurial.  It’s easy to get up every day when your job matches your vision!

Law Of Attraction And Money:
Accessing The Law Of Delicate Balance

Then, there is the Law of Delicate Balance.  It is so easy to get out of balance for those of us who love to give and give.

Balance is an important part of the Law of Attraction and Money.

One must be balanced in their life.  If you are focused too much on work, your relationships and friendships suffer. 

If you focus too much on those fun experiences, your work and finances can suffer.  Everything in moderation as they say. 

If you need time off, take the time off!  I remember speaking to one person who was running a business, teaching, was pregnant and was dealing with a chronic illness that left her fatigued. 

She felt she needed to push through the fatigue and do the work to acquire clientele.  At some point, I let her know that she had permission to just rest.  She gave herself that permission. 

Guess what happened?  While she was sleeping, she was getting all kinds of calls from people who wanted to work with her.  Life works in mysterious ways.

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