Law Of Attraction Gratitude

Law of attraction gratitude:  how does it work?  How does gratitude transform prosperity?

Let’s start with gratitude.  Gratitude is the appreciation of what you see in life, at its core and not just the surface. 

Let’s take the simple day.  You can have gratitude for the vibrant colors of a flower you notice or the morning sun kissing your face.

It just takes a moment to stop, get into the flow and be present to the world around you.

Where else can the law of attraction gratitude make a difference?  It can make a difference in those areas of life that you find difficult. 

What?  Are you kidding me?  No!  Really, it may take something.  I am going to give you a real life example.  

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Law Of Attraction Gratitude In Leadership

I remember helping teach a Tae Kwon Do class.  One of things they taught us was to praise (express gratitude) no matter what.  The student could be doing the whole kick wrong except this one small thing. 

We were to find that one small thing that the student did right, and praise them for it.  If we could not find that one small thing the student was doing right, complement their hair.  Find something to praise them for.

Why?  Because you can take a reasonably good student and focus on what they are doing wrong, and tell them to do better or criticize them (like complaining in life).  You will turn a good student into a bad student that way. 

The student will begin to focus on everything they are doing wrong as well.  Remember, we attract what we put our focus on.

Contrast this with the next scenario...

You focus on even the smallest thing the student is doing right.  The student will begin to focus on what they are doing right too (appreciation).  The more you focus on what they are doing right, the more they focus on what they are doing right.  And, then the person become the person you envision them as becoming. 

Law Of Attraction Gratitude In Life

The scenario in the previous section is no different than life.  Even in that most distressing of moments, find that one thing that is going right.  Focus on that.  Focus on your appreciation on that one thing going right. 

In the process, you may learn the value of appreciation, or the value of life, or the value of honoring yourself, or the value of taking a chance and going for the things you have always wanted. 

As you focus on appreciating the things going right, even the smallest thing, you will begin to focus and attract the prosperity that is naturally yours and naturally coming to you.  In short, you have access to thriving.

Opportunities open up.  Creativity and ideas come.  New ways of doing and being arise.  How you interact with people changes, and how they respond changes.  You may even find a new job, a new way to make money, that relationship you have always dreamed of. 

Do not limit yourself in who you are becoming, how the situation is becoming, who people are becoming.  Give it a go and see what opens up for you after 30 days of appreciating at least one small thing you in your life every day.

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