Developing Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity consciousness is the last thing people think about altering when it comes to changing their financial situation.  As Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

If you think about it, one of the biggest arguments in marriage can be the topic of money.  For others, lack of money creates stress.  For still others, it is the difference between a good meal or a job.  And for others, they have tons of money but they are unhappy with life despite the abundance around them.  The question they sometimes deal with is, "Is this all there is?"

While having money can certainly help us survive to the next day or enjoy creature comforts, it does not seem to bring us happiness.  If having money isn't the thing that makes us happy, what does?

The Source Of Prosperity Consciousness

Enter prosperity consciousness.  You can operate from a state of prosperity no matter what is going on around you.  Your job, the economy, or other people do not create your prosperity.  You create your prosperity. 

Barriers To Prosperity Consciousness

There are times when it may not feel like operating from a prosperity mindset.  However, assigning power to some circumstance outside yourself will keep you a victim of whatever comes your way.  What if you could take that power and own it, that you can tap into the prosperity mindset at any given time?

Instead of do, have, be, we want to look at situations from be (prosperity consciousness), do, have.

The next question is, how do you tap into that prosperity consciousness?  Prosperity consciousness cannot be arrived from a state of lack.  You cannot focus on how little you have or how much debt you have and get to a state of prosperity.

I personally, spent a lot of time focusing on 2 things - making a 6 figure income and getting rid of my debt.  Guess what happened?  I acquired a 6 figure income, and my debt did not go down.  It wasn’t until I started to focus on a prosperous mindset that everything started to shift. 

The first place I focused was my job.  I was in a job that was okay, but I was getting bored and frustrated.  I finally took the leap of faith and took a new job that was more in line with the vision of what I wanted to do – operate in a leadership capacity, and have a bigger impact.  That’s exactly what manifested. 

I began to learn a ton, and I became the office comedian.  They say laughter is the best medicine.  More importantly, I began to appreciate the people I worked with and the work I was doing at an even greater level.  Sometimes prosperity is not just the money we acquire but also the relationships we have, the job we have, and the fulfillment we experience.

Living In Prosperity NOW

Form follows thought.  As you become more effective, you really need to pay attention to WHERE you put your attention. 

You are more powerful than you could ever realize. 

What’s more, how you experience prosperity makes all the difference. 

As you find yourself feeling prosperous, imagining yourself prosperous, you will come up with new ideas of what to do next.

Practicing Prosperity Exercise For The Mind

Well, how do you get from a place of lack, to a place of prosperity? 

Let's make the assumption that you are already prosperous, and all we need to do is remove anything that gets in the way of you BEING prosperous.  How do we do that?

You can start with doing affirmations like at this link - daily positive affirmations.  You can also head over to one of these pages to get started:  forgiveness or mind visualization

In fact, don't take any action until you take an action in one of those areas.  Just pick one for now, and expand as you get comfortable with one of these methods. 

Once you do take action in one of those areas, the action you take may be a little different and your results are more likely to bring you the prosperity you seek

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