Tithing Definition:
What Does it Really Mean?

What does the tithing definition mean?  Is this just a Christian thing?  Is it something that really has any benefit all?

Or is tithing just something old fashioned passed down from ancient stories?  Or maybe tithing is just a hoax?

How do you apply tithing to manifest what you want or even the prosperity you want?

The tithing definition originally included meaning a person gave one-tenth of their income to a church or religious organization.  Tithing is also typically associated with Christianity.

However, tithing can be part of a spiritual practice that is not associated with any particular religion

Tying Tithing to Manifesting

I actually have a practice of tithing a part of my income.  It is not one-tenth of my income.  However, I do tithe what I can pay each month.

I consider tithing as a way to manifest what I intend to have.  It's almost like an exchange of energy.  I receive what I give.  More on that below.

Creating My Own Tithing Definition

While this is typically considered a Christian practice, I do this as part of my spiritual practice.  I give a part of my money to an organization where I feel it will benefit humanity the most.

While I haven't tithed a lot of money, I have often recovered what I tithed in other ways like unexpected discounts, unexpected services that ended up costing me nothing, unexpected coupons. 

I have other friends who have tithed much more, and received back way more than they tithed.  I will share more about that in the links below.

My spiritual teacher has said that if you tithe money, you will get money back.  If you tithe your time, you will get more time. 

In my case, I have tithed a lot of time doing things where I did a lot of coaching.  I have also tithed a lot of healing. 

For me, if I need coaching, I can find someone who can readily give me powerful coaching.  If I need someone to do some healing for me, I can easily find someone to send me healing. 

Why Would You Tithe?

How you tithe really is up to you.  What do you want more of?  Do you want more time, more money, more power? 

What are you willing to contribute to your family or your community?  Are you giving freely or begrudgingly?  Do you tithe to look good?  Or is there some difference you really want to make?

These are all things to consider before tithing.  We will get into some of the basics about tithing, and how to get you started via links coming soon...

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