What Is Gratitude?

What is gratitude, and why is it important?  Is this some more new age stuff that people love to write about?  

Let us start with a definition of gratitude before we begin to roll out the benefits of gratitude just so we are all on the same page.

One of the more useful definitions is from www.vocabulary.com - “a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.”

When considering the question of what is gratitude, a simple thank you makes all the difference.

Personally, I find playing with the art of gratitude very useful especially in times of stress or when I am dealing with a situation I find less than satisfactory. 

I have used it as a way to shift my focus at work, the contribution I want to make, how I view people, and even how I experience situations. 

In effect, gratitude enhances prosperity.  Gratitude is the magnet for success in life, but gratitude must be given freely without an agenda. 

There are what I call different levels of gratitude.

What Is Gratitude:  Level 1

The first level of gratitude is where I put my attention on something I appreciate.  It could be that I appreciate the long drive because then I get to listen to peaceful, blissful workshop recordings that I normally get to listen to.

When considering the question of what is gratitude, simply appreciating the moment is enough.

It could be that I appreciate driving by the Washington Monument, or the bird flying high in the sky.  I could appreciate the opportunity to write. 

This is what I call level 1 of gratitude.  There is no right way to do it. 

The cool thing is that you cannot have a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time

So, focusing on gratitude actually helps me stay in a more positive state of mind vs. internally criticizing a person or people.

What Is Gratitude:  Level 2

When considering the question of what is gratitude, appreciating the gifts of life can put you in the moment.

The next level of gratitude is putting your attention on something that you appreciate, and experiencing that moment as a gift.

I love being in this place!!

You can put your attention on something that you consciously choose to appreciate.  In that moment, you are releasing chemicals that increase your well-being, happiness and satisfaction. 

I find this particular article on gratitude fascinating as it looks at gratitude from the perspective of well-being, relationships, spirituality, and even sports! 


What Is Gratitude:  Level 3

What I call the 3rd level of gratitude is when you can appreciate someone for who they are, the commitment that they have, and anything that comes to you in the moment. 

When considering the question of what is gratitude, acknowledging who someone is for you is a great contribution.

This is a totally created phenomenon that I do even with people I barely know.  I sometimes worry if I am going to get it right. 

However, I have only run into ONE person who did not appreciate the acknowledgment I gave her.  It was not personal to me.  It was just her particular viewpoint. 

In most cases, I find people grow into the acknowledgment.  I like to think of it as leaving people at least a couple inches taller after I acknowledge them.  It is a lot of fun, and there is often an exchange of gratitude between myself and the other person.

What Is Gratitude:  Level 4

What I call the 4th level of gratitude is when you acknowledge and appreciate people for who they are, and then people around you start expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the people in their lives. 

When considering the question of what is gratitude, paying it forward is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

That is really amazing.  It is like the butterfly affect.  You are spreading gratitude from person to person. 

You don’t know the extent of the trail of gratitude you just opened up when people start paying it forward.

What is gratitude for you?  How do you experience gratitude?  Send me an email or comment in the facebook comments below!!

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