Benefits Of Tithing:
Giving With No Expectations

Are the benefits of tithing just for a church or the organization you tithe to?  The answer would be no.  There are benefits that are for the giver and the receiver.  However, you would give from a pure desire to contribute with no expectation of something in return.

The benefits of tithing can include something as simple as making a contribution.  Here, a plant is given to another person.

I grew up Roman Catholic, and then later became a non-deminational spiritual person.  At the time, I was only aware of donating to the church every Sunday so they could build a new church or do something for the church. 

I only knew that tithes made the place of worship nicer or facilitated the church having whatever they needed.

When I began to learn Reiki spiritual healing, I just knew the hosts sometimes asked for donations when some of us came to practice together. 

I was not quite sure why we were asked for donations.  I figured it was for the person's time and use of the facilities.  However, I saw no benefit to me as far as I knew.

But, how does tithing really work?  Let us discover that in the next section.

Allowing The Benefits Of Tithing

However, let us get into the benefits of tithing for you.  Yes, there are actually benefits for you.  Let us start there first.  Tithing is in some ways like acknowledging the source of your inspiration and/or spiritual nourishment.

The benefits of tithing can include improving relationships and creating new relationships.  Here, people put their hands in a circle.

What can you tithe? 

One spiritual teacher said, if you want money, tithe money.  If you want more time, tithe time

However, the importance of tithing are not solely financial. 

The benefits can include peace of mind, health, and a satisfaction that you contributed to something bigger than yourself.

After tithing regularly, some people found themselves receiving:

  • Money that began to flow in unexpectedly.
  • Coming out of poverty.
  • New job opportunities.
  • One person pulled in a ton of money in her business.
  • Another person easily sold a property that they were considering selling.
  • Others repaired relationships.

My Experience Of Tithing

I tithe to the organizations I think contribute the highest karmic benefit to those they serve.  Examples of organizations can be those that promote effective ways of enhancing well-being, animal shelters, soup kitchens, or something else.

The benefits of tithing can include miracles that impact finances, health, relationships, and more.

Some of the benefits of tithing I have found for myself have been the following:

  • New jobs that aligned with what I wanted.
  • Raises after years of no increase in salary.
  • Kitchen Towels
  • A beautiful Norwegian sweater that I love.
  • A free oil change.
  • Hospital refunding me money a few hundred dollars.

I have tithed a lot of coaching and facilitated healing as well.  When I request coaching or some additional healing facilitation.  Sometimes what I receive is different than what I expected, but I get exactly what is needed.

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