Astral Emotional Body: 
The House of Emotions

The astral emotional body is another part of the human energy field.  The emotional body is sometimes considered the layer in between the physical body and the mental body.  However, sometimes the layers intermingle. 

What can happen is if you try to suppress or control your emotions, they can get "stuck" in your physical body

A good start to becoming aware of where emotions may get stuck is to get present to your body sensations when having an emotion such as anger. 

When I am angry, my neck and my throat get tight.  For others, they may have body sensations in their abdomen or someplace else.

I know there was one time when I was so angry at someone that I literally made myself sick.  The issue was just not getting resolved.  I would not recommend suppressing or hanging onto anger.

When you receive spiritual energy healing, your emotional body is also often balanced

When your emotional body starts to become balanced, then you may release "stuck" emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, resentment.  You may feel those emotions while you are releasing them, and that is okay.

Re-Balancing the Astral Emotional Body

While you are releasing emotions, I have found that the best thing to do is let the emotions be there.  Do NOT try to fix them, get rid of them, or talk to people with the intention of getting them to agree with your point of view.

Just be with the emotions for however long is needed.  Letting the emotions just be there is one of the fastest ways to let them move through you

Another way to facilitate balancing of the emotions and the astral emotional body is to use spiritual energy healing.  With spiritual energy healing the emotions are balanced in the astral emotional body and energy fields much faster.

My Experience

I was recently dealing with a situation where I had a lot of sadness, anger, and grief.  I had always tried to avoid the emotions, and had never let them be there.  It just wasn't comfortable.  I was not even sure why I was so sad and angry.  However, I really let them be there.

As I continued letting the emotions be there, I became aware of what had me be so sad and angry.  Sometimes the sadness was very great. 

It was on one of those occasions that I had the intuition to listen to a meditation called Psychological Repair.  Fortunately, this meditation will help balance the solar plexus chakra (more on that later) when it is spinning out of control. 

Mine happened to be doing that.  And, I can tell you I was in no shape to manifest anything positive in my life.

After listening to the meditation, my astral emotional body and other energy bodies were balanced.  I had a great sense of peace for a couple of hours.  After that, the sadness, anger, and grief were not quite as intense. 

However, I knew I still needed to listen to the meditation on other days to help facilitate the releasing of emotions.  Fortunately,  this was one of those meditations that I could also listen to while driving in the car with no danger to myself. 

After listening to it about 6 or more times, over a couple of weeks, the emotions washed all the way through.  The needed insights had come.  I took actions that were more positive. 

I also made sure I had conversations with people so that everything was out in the open.  When it was all over there was a profound sense of peace.

I can tell you if I had continued to suppress these emotions, I would have made myself sick in some way. 

If I had not done become sick, there would have been some other kind of impact to my life.  I would not have had total power and freedom to do all the things I love.  Manifesting my visions and the contribution I wanted to make would have certainly been much more difficult.   

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