Mental Body And The Aura

The mental body is another part of the human energy field.  This is where you ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are held.  In addition, the mental layer is sometimes said to be in between the spiritual body and the emotional body

Mental Body:  Behind The Scenes

The longer and more strongly you hold onto your beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, the deeper they are imprinted onto your mental layer.  If we suppress and emotion, the mental component becomes imprinted in the emotional body as well. 

Some examples of ideas or beliefs that can get imprinted on the mental body can be things like: 

Beliefs and thoughts in a distressed mental body could include thoughts such as "I am not enough.  I am not worth it.  I don't belong."

These kinds of ideas and beliefs can be replaced by ideas or beliefs such as the ones below:

A prosperous, at ease mental body would easily go to beliefs such as, "I am healthy.  I am happy.  I am enjoying my life.  I am prosperous."

Restoring Balance

How do you get power over those disempowering thoughts and restore peace of mind?  There are a couple of ways.  You can make a bit of a dent with very effective transformational programs that deal primarily in mental transformation. 

However, if you want to work on this in a different way, I have a couple of suggestions.  One, you can use a spiritual development process called Psychological Repair that was mentioned in the astral emotional body page. 

What happens is that there is a holistic, energy healing.  So, your beliefs are transformed to become more positive.

A mental body balanced and restored by such processes as Psychological Repair  can have harmony restored.

When those beliefs become more positive, the actions you are then pulled to take will be different.  And, then your life will go much more smoothly, easily.  You can manifest what you set your mind to with greater ease and fulfillment.

In addition, there is a spiritual development process called Subconscious Repair.  This spiritual development process works on your beliefs at the subconscious level. 

Let us take smoking as an example.  The structure (beliefs and emotions) that pull people to smoke could be balanced out.  After using Subconscious Repair weekly, it took one person several months to stop. 

Each person is different though.  So, results may vary.

NOTE:  I do not make anything from the products recommended on this page.  I share them because I have found them to be highly beneficial, and I want you to have access to them.

Restoring and maintaining balance, in the mental body, is a journey.  The journey can be as beautiful as sitting on the mountain top looking out over the landscape.

The Mental Body And Prosperity

Using your emotions and mental capacity is important when you are using mind visualization and creating daily positive affirmationsWhen you have your mental body and emotional layers balanced, you have a much greater capacity to manifest prosperity. 

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