How To Express Gratitude

You may know gratitude is important be wondering how to express gratitude in a meaningful way.  Some of you may not have considered other ways to express gratitude.  And, some of you may be thinking about how you could take it all to the next level.  Wherever you are is perfect.

If you want some ideas on how to start off, this page called what is gratitude can spark some additional ideas on how to express gratitude.

How do these tips tie into prosperity?  If you think about it, financial and material prosperity come to you through your interactions with people. 

Sometimes that prosperity comes in the form of a more effective network, people giving you their best effort, or any other way you can imagine.

If you can genuinely leave people in a better place than before you spoke to them, you have a better chance of attracting the kind of prosperity that you want.

In the meantime, as the person formerly known as the queen of acknowledgement, I will share some things I have done.

Mentally Envisioning The Best Of Who People Are

Let us begin with something I consider fundamental in how to express gratitude.  Before you interact with the person with whom you want to express your gratitude, take a moment to be still.  Envision that person in your mind. 

Who is that person for you?  What about them inspires you?  What are things that are important to them that you appreciated?

The intention, here, is to take a moment to really connect with the greatest aspect of the person you envision.

I have used this in all of the different situations listed below.

Ask People What THEY Want To BE Acknowledged For

I used to envision people as their greatest self before calling any person I was about to coach.  If I didn’t feel I could do that, I didn’t coach the person.  Those were very rare occasions. 

I would always end the call asking the person what they wanted to be acknowledged for

Then, I would acknowledge them for what they asked.  I would also acknowledged them for their commitment, their way of being from a place of possibility, and for what they did.

That last bit would have them walk away from the call a bigger person.  They could then be present to a commitment that had been in the background for them.  Sometimes, the person would cry because they were so moved by what they heard or they felt known for who they are at their very core. 

Others would then ask me what I wanted to be acknowledged for.  Acknowledgement, gratitude, and appreciation are contagious.

Speaking To People Based On Who People Are BECOMING

In another case, I was mentoring someone to take over my role. 

There were some things that were getting in his way. 

Before speaking to him, I would envision who he was becoming versus who he was at the moment

If you can envision who someone is becoming, they will often step into that vision and grow and develop in ways that they might not have done before.  It’s a powerful tool. 

One of the greatest things that came out of mentoring him for a year is that his confidence significantly increased, and he was considerably more productive. 

When people feel appreciated, they go above and beyond what is expected of them.  My mentee was no exception.  In fact, it allowed me to find out what skills he had where he was most successful.

How To Express Gratitude On People's Birthday

This next example is a little off the beaten path. 

However, I really enjoy doing it because  I get to be the queen of acknowledgement in another community.

In my current situation, I am the person who initiates birthday emails for one of my communities. 

One of the things that I love to do is construct an email, and thank someone for who they are being and their commitment. 

It doesn’t matter if I know that person well or not.  Thanking someone is an act of creation

I go within, and I say a little prayer to the effect of “Please work with me to create the most empowering message, that makes the biggest difference, and is for the highest good of all.” 

Sometimes the message comes out a little different than originally planned.  However, people genuinely appreciate the unique messages that they get.  The messages also create the receiving person in a new way for the rest of the community. 

The rest of the community gets to see that person from the field of possibility.  When appreciation and gratitude come together inside of a community, it is very powerful.

For additional, and simple ideas on how to express gratitude check out this page from the site. 

How do you like to express gratitude?  Please, share your ideas by contacting me or leaving a comment below!

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