How To Use Positive Affirmations:
Live The Experience,
Attract What You Want

You may be wondering how to use positive affirmations.  Have you ever said an affirmation over and over and wondered why it’s not quite working?


Have you ever wondered how to use positive affirmations with more grace and ease?

You might be wondering if this is really going to work.

Here, you will discover what could be getting in the way of your affirmations being more powerful and effective.

Let us talk about something I mentioned in the do affirmations work page...

How To Use Positive Affirmations: 
Making Them Believable For You

When exploring how to use positive affirmations, you sometimes have to take a leap of faith.  That leap of faith can often come in the form of wonder.

When you are learning how to use positive affirmations, create affirmations in a way that is believable for you

If an affirmation like, “I am a millionaire” is not believable for you or seems like something that is just too hard to create any time soon, it will not work.

Instead, start with something that is believable for you that is a little bit of a stretch For some people that could look like.  “I am receiving an additional $500 a month.”

Wear the energy of different amounts of money.  You can start with $500, and see how that feels.  Get comfortable with it.  Revel in it. 

Then, you could try on the energy of $1000.  Work your way up until you can say, “I am now a millionaire” and honestly believe it.

Thoughts And Words Have Energy

If you have never considered this before – what you think and say has a particular energy.  This may seem like a strange concept. 

Let’s say that someone just had an angry argument with another person.   You walk into the room.  Did you feel the charge in the room still there after the two people left?

There is an energy behind words whether you speak with anger or with joy and inspiration.  They can even impact your health and your prosperity. 

Seems strange doesn’t it?  We will delve into more details the impact of the energies of thoughts and words in an upcoming page about chakras.

How To Use Positive Affirmations Tips

Let’s get to the good stuff.  Let us look at how to use positive affirmations in a way that works for you.

How to use positive affirmations: you can journal or write out your positive affirmations for the day.

Here are some basic tips:

  • Speak or write your affirmations either when you first wake up or before you go to bed.  These are the best times to have the greatest impact on your subconscious mind.
  • Make sure you can be in a quiet place without distraction for about 5-15 min.  Allow yourself to relax.  Allow yourself to become completely present.
  • Speak your affirmation with conviction or assertiveness.  If you say your affirmation just to get through the exercise, it will not be as effective.  Putting your heart into you affirmation allows you to be more effective.
  • Repeat them something like 5-10 times a day over a 21 day period.  Or you can spend 2-10 minutes repeating them. 
  • You can also write the affirmations down a few times a day over a 21 day period.  Writing affirmations down will help you stay present to your affirmations.
  • Then, let go.  Let what you are attracting show up in the best form possible.

The more you repeat these affirmations, the more they become a part of your new pattern that your subconscious latches onto.

A word of warning.  Sometimes when you start to work on one area of life with an affirmation – that area will start to shape and form as you desire.  While that is happening, some other area of your life may pop up that is not working so well.

This is normal.  I remember working on my career.  Once I started making inroads, I had to deal with a family situation.  You are a whole person.  When one area starts working, you will see other areas of your life that are not working as well as you would like them to...

How To Use Positive Affirmations With Visualization

Let us take a look at how to use positive affirmations with visualization and laser-like focus

How to use positive affirmations - visualization can enhance the effect of your affirmations.

Why would you want to do that?

Visualization and laser-like focus can make the affirmation even more powerful. 

You will manifest the focus of your intention with greater speed and clarity. 

You can also repeat words of affirmation and then visualize the situation.  Look at the details of the situation –

What is happening, what is your experience?  Visualize your intended outcome in as much detail as possible. 

What To Do If You Slip Back Into Old Ways Of Thinking

Now, if you only use a positive affirmation for a few minutes and then think negatively the rest of the day, it will take longer for you to manifest what you want.  No worries though.

Thinking man - when working with the question of how to use positive affirmations, play with visualizing removing/erasing those thoughts and replacing them with a vision of what inspires you.

You can play with how long you can stay with positive thought coupled with positive emotion.

If you do notice that you are in the midst of negative thought and emotion, do not resist it.  Just let it be there.  You are NOT your thoughts and emotions. 

As you let the emotions and thoughts be there, they will disappear.  It is a very cool thing.

Then, you can focus on, “What is the next state of emotion I would like to experience?”

Focusing on the next state of emotion you want to experience is a little easier than trying to control your thoughts.  Your thoughts will always be there.  Taking yourself to up the next positive emotional level will help you focus on what you intend to have.

It is a little tip that I learned from Esther Hicks, author of “The Law of Attraction.” 

Speed Of Results

Results depend on time, focus, the power of emotion, speaking the affirmation with conviction, and trusting yourself.

The rocket is a symbol of speed.  But, that speed is a function of integrity, excellence, rigor, and development.  Think of these elements as part of the recipe on how to use positive affirmations.

You have to be committed and focused for an affirmation to be effective. – You have to be willing to do the work.

At the same time, you really cannot be stuck on what the end result should look like.  The recommendation is to release being driven to having the end result look a certain way. 

Relax, and have fun!

Remember to keep practicing your affirmations, and adjust them if needed. 

As you adjust your affirmations, you learn how to use positive affirmations more and more effectively. 

You begin to see what works by trying it out.  Then, you develop your own personal style. 

What Are Some Other Affirmations?

The video below has affirmations you can play with.  They are set against a beautiful background with music with the intention that you are as open as possible to your highest good.

I use this video whenever I need to re-center myself.  Please use these affirmations in whatever way supports you best.

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