Do Affirmations Work:
What Does And Does Not Work?

Do affirmations work?  Many of you may have already heard of affirmations.  Some people attribute positive affirmations to positive thinking.  Many would agree that positive thinking on top of stuff that is already festering does not work

Photo symbolizing man considering the question of do affirmations work?

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend who has mad about something, but they were going to think positive?  Did it work?  I bet you could tell something was still off.

I would say positive thinking does not work.  And, positive affirmations are NOT positive thinking

There is some inner work you have to do before using affirmations before you can effectively use affirmations.  I will go through that in the next section.

What about those times when you used affirmations, and they didn't manifest what you wanted?  Why do some affirmations work while other affirmations do not seem to work?

Next, I am going to cover some of the things that can trip people up in effectively using affirmations

How Do Affirmations Work? 
What Gets In The Way?

What are things that get in the way of affirmations working?  Here they are:

  • Not clearing out the gunk...  If you are hanging onto resentment, anger, or blaming people, then you will render your affirmations ineffective.  
  • Creating an affirmation that you do not believe or cannot own.  If you want the affirmation to be effective, it is highly recommended to make the affirmation something of a stretch, something where you can honestly visualize yourself doing. 

    If you cannot visualize yourself living out the affirmation or it seems like a total fantasy or lie, it the affirmations will not be likely to work.
Do affirmations work?  You can list out the barriers you have to effective affirmations.
  • Not practicing consistently.  If you only do the affirmation once in awhile, the effectiveness of the affirmation will be limited.  If you want your affirmation to manifest into a reality, you have to put your whole being into it. 

    I know some of us are better at thinking in pictures than words.  If so, practice the words or the creative visualization techniques every day or even multiple times a day.
  • Negative self talk.  A friend of mine used to call this gossiping to yourself about yourself.  It is a little crazy.  If you wouldn't talk to your best friend this way, stop the negative self talk to yourself.

    If you want your affirmation to manifest, you have to give it fertile soil to grow in.  That fertile soil starts with self-love and acceptance.

Do Affirmations Work:  A Positive Example

I have a story that demonstrate the power of affirmations to manifest prosperity.  One family was looking for a home, but it was never quite what they wanted. 

After spending 2 months using affirmations, the family found the perfect home - right price, right size, not too much work.  But, the owner decided to take the house off the market.

Happy couple with a new home symbolizing the power of letting go and answering, for yourself, the question of do affirmations work.

The family kept looking for a new home, but they could never find the home that was quite what they wanted. 

They really loved the home they had found earlier.  So, they had the real estate agent periodically ask the man if he wanted to sell, and the answer was always a firm no!

The family did find another place that fit most of their criteria, but they were just not as excited about it. 

Before they put an offer their real estate agent asked the owner of the family's dream home if he would sell. 

The man came back with a no again.  So, the family put in an offer for the home that fit most of their criteria.  This owner came back with a counter offer. 

At that point, the real estate agent let the family know that the owner of their dream home was ready to sell.  He was engaged in a business opportunity and needed cash.

The family was able to buy their dream home!

Do Affirmations Work: In Conclusion

The section above covers only one story of affirmations working.  If you want to delve further, there is an interesting article that can answer the question of how do affirmations work.  You can view that page in 5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You.

I think the bottom line is that done well, affirmation do work.  However, for affirmations to work, you have to practice.  This is not a one time deal.  It is something you practice over and over until you master it.

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