Law Of Attraction And Prosperity

The Law of Attraction and Prosperity page follows up from the concepts in the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity page.  Here, we cover some of the most important concepts in developing and accessing our natural state of being prosperous.

You may have heard of some of these concepts before.  I invite you to look at these concepts from a new perspective and see what opens up...

Law Of  Attraction And Prosperity: 
The Law of Tithing

Tithing is one of the most important aspects of the law of attraction and prosperity.  Do what feels right.

This is one of the dynamic laws of prosperity goes hand and hand with the Law of Reciprocity

Per the tithing section, if you give money, you get money back.  If you tithe time, you get time back.  Whatever you tithe comes back to you. 

However, you may not always see it come back right away. 

It’s one of those things that you don’t do with the expectation of something coming back.  You tithe something with no strings attached, no expectation. 

It could come back to you in ways that may be easier for you to attract in the beginning.  It could show up in the form of a free tire rotation, or new towels, a new job, or any number of things. 

The point is that what you could get back may look a number of different ways.  And, if something doesn’t come back to you right away, that’s okay.  Do what feels right, keep going, and eventually you will receive a something back.

tithing time is one aspect of the law of attraction and prosperity.

One of the things I used to tithe was a lot of my time.  For the longest time (pun intended), it seemed like nothing was coming back. 

However, attempting to get more time back was not on my list of priorities either.  I donated a lot of time developing people in communication, leadership, and teamwork. 

At some point, all that time I spent developing people (and myself) in communication, leadership, and teamwork paid big dividends.  I was extremely comfortable leveraging the skills other team members had where I either lacked time to do the work or had a gap in knowledge.  The end result is that the delivered tasks were completed very quickly. 

In fact, one person told me I was able to get more work done than most people in the organization.  I attribute that ability to all the time I donated to developing people and then being able to pay it forward.

Law Of Attraction And Prosperity: 
The Law of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a big thing in spiritual and transformational development circles.  Much is written about it in the How to Forgive Someone section.

Out of forgiveness comes compassion and love for the other person.  In the law of attraction and prosperity, forgiveness unblocks barriers to prosperity.

That said, if you are holding onto old resentments or suffering because of something someone did or said to you, it will weigh you down.  In some ways,  it is like spiritual death. 

I have known some people who refused to forgive one or more people in their lives.  The end result is that they didn’t get money and the comaraderie that would have otherwise received if they had forgiven people and reconnected with them.

In short, not forgiving someone is like eating poison and hoping the other person will die.  Don’t let that be you.

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