Law Of Attraction For Money:
Noticing The Impact

The Law of Attraction for Money picks up where the Law of Attraction and Money naturally left off.  We go from relaxing into being prosperous to seeing how being prosperous can influence our actions and how we can naturally influence the world around us.

Law Of Attraction For Money:
Using The Law Of Harmony

This one is about being in harmony with your surroundings.  I think this one is greatly enhanced if you are following your bliss, your joy, your deepest desire which is sometimes a whisper and sometimes staring you blank in the face. 

The Law of Attraction for Money works well when you are in Harmony and balance in your life.

When you are in love with even one thing that you do or be, harmony naturally arises.  As an example, after starting my new job, my level of funniness dramatically increased. 

I was sometimes funny in my old job.  In my new job, I became known as very funny.  In fact, someone told me that if the job didn’t work out, I could be a standup comedian.  No one has ever remotely said that before. 

In short, when you are in harmony, the evidence will be around you.  You can see it in your interactions with people, the actions you take, and how you experience life.

The Law Of Attraction For Money:
Access To The Law Of Right Action

This one falls right into line with what I just said about The Law of Harmony.  When you are taking right action, notice how the people around you act, how you act.  What is the impact of your action?  You have to feel your way through it.

Law of Attraction for Money works when you relax into your natural prosperity and then take ACTION!

When you are operating from an empowering point of view vs. reacting to someone or something, opportunities naturally arise. 

You know what to do, and you take action.  Action is critical in following the Law of Attraction and even allowing prosperity. 

From the perspective of BEING Prosperous and using the Law of Attraction for Money, you will naturally see what new actions you can take with acquiring money, giving money, or even feeling fulfilled with the material goods that you have. 

You can stop using material goods as a way to fill an empty void and truly enjoy and appreciate what you have. 

Trying to get somewhere suddenly stops because you no longer have to get somewhere or make it.  Here, you realize you naturally are a being of prosperity.  All there is to do is consciously tap into where you are to the vision of what you see is possible.

This is when you take action.  Once you take that action, you have an opportunity to learn from it.  If you didn’t succeed, the opportunity is to ask, “What worked?”  “What didn’t work?” 

If you did succeed, you have the opportunity to ask “What worked?”  “What can I do better?”  It’s important to acknowledge the successes as well, as you then start to develop your own blueprint, and you can build on your success.

The Law Of Universal Influence

This one naturally builds on The Law of Right Action.  Again, it is where we see how our actions impact other people.  Are people walking taller because of the interaction they had with you?  Or did they shrink down to size?  In other words, did you leave people and your community better off for them having known you?

When you influence people by leaving them better off than when you found them, the Law of Attraction for Money works for you naturally.

It is something that you can practice in every conversation, and watch the magic unfold.  I actually do a short self-assessment at the end of the day to determine how to improve.  If I reacted negatively, I have an opportunity to notice it and stop it more quickly next time, and then I can pivot and provide what is needed in the situation.  I can also build off of what I did well that day. 

What does this all have to do with the Law of Attraction for Money?  Everything!  Try putting any one of these ideas into practice daily.  Pick an area of your life where you want more prosperity.  It does not have to be in the realm of money. 

What is interesting is that, sometimes, when you focus on prosperity in the area of health or relationships, the arena of money is also positively impacted.

Practice one of these ideas for a whole week and see what turns up!  If you want to share your insights or what unfolded, please enter a comment below

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