Manifesting Prosperity

Okay, you have heard me talking about manifesting prosperity throughout the website as well as talk about other seemingly un-related topics. 

This page ties into mind visualization.  You can even expand on, the concept presented, to include daily positive affirmations or spiritual energy healing

The most important part is to get you into a prosperity mindset.  BEING prosperous is the foundation.  Taking action comes second and never first.

Let us get started...

Manifesting Prosperity Exercise

How do you begin manifesting prosperity?  There are a couple of steps you can use to get yourself into that mindset.  YES!!  The prosperity mindset thing again! 

Let’s start there with some actionable steps.  The first one is you can develop a collage. 

Now, if you don’t feel quite like you are in a prosperity mindset to even develop a collage, what you can do is just collage how you currently see and experience prosperity just to get that out of your way. 

A mind like a full teacup prevents manifesting prosperity

This is like being a tea cup full of water, and you are emptying it out so you can be filled up with prosperity.

Go ahead and collage all your chronic complaints and other things that keep you from experiencing prosperity.  Then, take a good look at that image you created?

If the image you created is less than inspiring, consider that you are taking actions inside of whatever experience that set of images evokes for you. 

Could you see how this is limiting your actions?  That is, could you see that the actions you are taking correlate perfectly with how you experience and feel about prosperity?

After you have the opportunity to be with how that has impacted you and others, let’s take the next step.

Let’s collage prosperity from the realm of what inspires you and what most speaks to you.

Collaging as the access to manifesting prosperity

The sky is the limit here.  Well, even the sky isn’t the limit.  Use whatever images evoke a feeling or experience of manifesting prosperity for you. 

Don’t hesitate or think about if an image is perfect or has to look a certain way.  Your job is to pick the image that most inspires you without thinking and put it in your collage.

Once you finish your collage, take it all in.  How does it make you feel?  What are the thoughts you have?  Can you picture yourself in the very images you chose? 

Setting Your Intention

Next, set an intention for what you want for prosperity.  An example could be “I intend to buy a new home”.  Write that on your collage somewhere or below it, and put the collage in an area that you will walk by every day. 

manifesting prosperity by setting an intention

After you set the intention, let it go. 

One of the interesting things that I found about collaging is that I had collaged something regarding who I wanted to become.  Sometime later, I bought a Toyota MR2 Spyder. 

When I looked at the collage I had put together, I found that one image had a convertible car driving on the coast. 

While I didn’t have that particular car (I really liked my MR2), I was struck by the coincidence that I had purchased a convertible similar to what was in the photo.

I have also developed collages, and set 6 intentions for the year.  I would place this collage in an area of my home that I would walk by.  About every 3 months or less I would assess what intentions I had actually fulfilled on.  By the end of the year, I found that I was able to complete anywhere from 67% to 83% of my intentions for the year.

So, dream big and have fun with it!

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