The Money Law Of Attraction

The money law of attraction, how do we make it work?  There are different aspects written about using the law of attraction to work with money.  Today, I am going to continue where I left off in the law of prosperity page, and focus on the Law of Circulation.

Money Law Of Attraction:  Law Of Circulation

Symbolizing the ebb and flow of money in the concept of Money law of attraction.

The Law of Circulation is kind of like the idea of keeping energy moving.  You can think of it like a highway.  Sometimes traffic moves along, and sometimes there is a traffic jam. 

Another way to look at it is that money naturally ebbs and flows.  During parts of the month, you may have more money.  In other parts of the month you may have less money.

At other times you may find money coming in and going out at the same rate. 

Using Money Law Of Attraction & The Law Of Circulation To Dissolve Barriers

If you want to start accelerating moving through the cycle of having more money going out than coming in, there is an opportunity to reflect on your life.  You can do this same exercise if you want to accelerate through having money coming and going at the same rate.

Challenging oneself as the access to money law of attraction.

Where are you out of balance?  Where are you stagnating?  Do you need to allow your body to get more rest?  If your well-being is not optimal, it is hard to have anything in life work smoothly.  Maybe you need more rest, time to relax, or a change in diet.  Maybe you need a challenge.

Are there relationships in your life that are suffering or stagnating?  I remember a seminar that said that your life works to the degree that your relationships work.  Everything we do involves people. 

If there are conflicts, this is the time to get them resolved through opportunities such as the processes of how to forgive someone, experiencing gratitude, or even daily positive affirmations.  These may help you look at the person in a different way so that you can have a completely different conversation than you might otherwise have had.

Good relationships as the access to money law of attraction.

Even with relationships, you can consider what lesson you can learn from the event.  In watching someone else make a mistake, you may learn to ensure that you are rigorous with what you do or compassionate or a great listener or whatever that lesson may be for you. 

You could be dealing with your relationship to money.  When you are worried about your money, you hang on to it more.  However, that is when blockages may arise.  How might one dissolve that blockage?

Money Law Of Attraction:  An Example

From personal experience, I would hang on to my money tightly when I was too focused on debt.  Then, various items needed to be replaced all at once thereby helping to increase my debt.  There was no plan in place to replace items as they aged.

I realized that I needed to begin releasing that fear of not enough.  It is a fear that I moved through little by little.  I also had to get straight that things will need to be replaced as they age. 

I began replacing things throughout the year.  I also began planning what I would replace each year so that I wouldn’t have to spend it all at once. 

Grace and balance as the access to money law of attraction.

In addition, I began to look at ways that I could free up money vs. focusing solely on paying down debt. 

I began to see ways I could budget my money as well. 

What I did is create a plan of action where I organized my debts in one place, stopped focusing on debt, and then started focusing on what I could save. 

I also had to get straight about what I was going to spend my money on.  For example, I know I am going to spend a certain amount on spiritual development every year.  I consider it an expense that is non-negotiable.

Find what will work for you after you empty your mind of past experiences, situations, and as you develop your method of circulating money.  There is no one right way to do this. 

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