Access To The Law Of Prosperity

I am going to focus your attention on the law of prosperity.  Keep in mind that this is all about your prosperity consciousness

The Law Of Prosperity Starts With You

You are the source of your prosperity, not your job, the economy, where you live, your family, or your past experiences.  You have sole power over your prosperity and no one else.  That is the good and the bad news.

Accessing the law of prosperity through knowing you are the source.

You can develop prosperity in good times and bad.  So, let’s start with some aspects of the law of prosperity to help keep you in the prosperity mindset.

A really good page goes over some of the law of prosperity in an article called The Seven Spiritual Laws for Prosperity.

While the author references the Law of Attraction and the ideas that came from it since the early 2000s, these same ideas are spoken about in Catherine Ponders’ “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” book.

Let’s start with some of the concepts the author references, and I am going to expand on them using my own personal touch.  Please make this yours and see how you might apply it in your own life.  NOTE:  I will be calling these laws slightly different names, and will be using the names Catherine Ponder uses.

The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity

There is the first idea called The Vacuum Law of Prosperity.  The Vacuum Law of Prosperity is kind of like the idea of having your mind filled up with ideas, your past experiences, and how you know things will go.  It’s kind of like having a cup full of water.  You cannot add more into the cup without emptying the cup. 

I am going back to the idea of the mind being like a teacup.  The idea is to empty the cup, like emptying your mind.  Now you have a vacuum, and things can now fill up the cup. 

You have to keep emptying that cup (your mind) so that you may receive your just returns (prosperity). 

In a way, it’s an opportunity to constantly re-invent yourself and chart your own course. 

You operate from beginner’s mind thereby seeing different pathways open up to you that you might not have ever seen when your cup (mind) was full.

A personal example of this is me buying a home.  For the longest time, it seemed like I didn’t have the money to do that.  The problem was that I was listening to friends of mine who bought homes where their monthly payment would have been a large chunk of my salary. 

As a result, I believed that buying a home was out of reach for me.  It had never occurred, to me, that I could research my options. 

After I moved to a new state, a friend of mine told me that it was was cheaper to buy than rent.  Suddenly, I became very interested in buying.  I started looking every week, and the prospect of buying suddenly seemed doable. 

Then, I looked at prices of townhomes in the area I used to live in.  The prices of townhomes was doable there as well.  The only difference between then and now is that my whole perspective had changed.  I had emptied my mind, and now anything seemed possible.  My current plan is to buy before the end of 2019.

Let's continue discovering the laws of prosperity in the next segment called Money Law of Attraction.

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