Money Visualization

When you use money visualization, you speed up the ability of your thoughts to become things.

Money visualization is one of the fastest indicators that you are doing visualization in the way it is meant to be done or if you need to change things up a bit.

Before you get into money visualization, it is useful to deal with any negative subconscious beliefs you have about money.  Some of those are covered in the abundance-affirmations and wealth-affirmations pages.

Dealing With The Subconscious Before Visualization

To make money visualization, it is a good idea to work on releasing any negative subconscious beliefs you begin to notice.  Subconscious beliefs are like icebergs - they lie under the surface...

You could believe that money is the root of all evil.  We have heard that one before. 

Or there could be a negative belief that rich people take advantage of everyone else. 

How can you attract money with that belief?  It runs directly counter to attracting money.

You could be jealous of people who have more than you.  Or you may even feel like the world owes you. 

Hey, we have all been there in one way or another.

One of my negative beliefs that I release whenever I notice it is I will never have enough. 

Getting very driven is one of my indicators that I am operating from a negative belief.  Then, I know release the negative belief and put balance back in.

A New Context For Money

If you take a step back, money is just an energy exchange.  You are giving someone money for their blood sweat and tears, and hopefully they are giving you an excellent product or service.  So, in other words money is a tool that acknowledges someone’s contribution

When I interact with small businesses, if I feel they are honest, I want them to succeed.  I would rather pay a little extra for the extra service, the extra quality, or the intangible benefits such as peace of mind or trust.  My money will help them thrive and continue to be able to contribute to more people.

Setting Up Your Visualization And Delving Deeper

This next step is a way to help you trigger your money visualization in a way that will help give you a fuller experience.

You may want to ask yourself questions like what will having that amount of money provide you?  What would it look like?

Before you begin a money visualization, it is useful to imagine what experience you believe money will bring you to ensure you attract the best outcome of your desires.

Would you feel more peaceful?  Would you feel more fulfilled?  Would money allow you to continue on your journey of spiritual growth or allow you to buy that beautiful item for your wife?

What are some other ways that you can experience that peace, fulfillment, growth or beauty?  Would you experience more freedom or security?

What would that make available to you?  What else could that look like?

Really play with these questions.  Stretch your imagination.  This exercise is for you, and there is no limit.

As you play with these questions, you may find that money visualization becomes easier and easier. 

I also want to mention that as you do the inner work, the amount of effort you have to put out to get what you want will decrease

You may even attract something better than you were expecting.  Allow whatever you want to come to you in the best form possible.

Money Visualization Enhanced By Visual Aids

Let’s get back to the money visualization.  Once you are able to move your negative beliefs out of the way, it is good to have a visual aid

You can use visual aids to assist you with your money visualization.

I believe, in previous visualization pages, I have said something to the effect that you could write yourself a check. 

I probably mentioned that Jim Carey once wrote himself a check for acting services rendered with a particular date on it.

Other ideas are:

  • When you meditate, you can envision what you are looking for.
  • You can get some play money.
  • You can post a photo of the amount of money you want to attract in multiple areas of your home.  The caveat to this one is that you may have to change it up every so often given that if something becomes familiar, you stop looking at it (i.e. it fades into the background).
  • Another idea is that you can have your phone give you a notification every day of how much money you are attracting.
  • One famous person took out a $1 bill and added 5 zeroes after the 1.  He then stuck it to the ceiling so that every morning, when he woke up, that was one of the first things he saw in the morning.  Within a few weeks, he had an idea for a book that became "Chicken Soup for the Soul".

Make sure you surround yourself with people who speak positively about their experiences with money and what they see as possible.  You want to keep yourself focused on the view that anything is possible in the realm of prosperity and money.

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