Prosperity Formula: 
Tying It Together

There is no one prosperity formula that will guarantee success.  However, we can always develop ways that will maximize the opportunity for succeeding. 

And, while we are developing a prosperity formula, please know that you can always evolve it and try new things as you become more and more successful and manifesting the prosperity you desire.

As a reminder, prosperity without health, relationships, relaxation is unbalanced.  Well, that is only if you are focusing on the money part of prosperity.  Please remember that prosperity is the balance of good relationships, health, material goods, money, entertainment, and even appreciating the air we breathe.

Prosperity Formula:  Vision

One tip that I will start you off with is whatever you do, go for the long game. 

If you have ever read books by or about billionaires (and some millionaires), they have a vision for the future that they are always working towards

Part of the prosperity formula is knowing the contribution you want to be.

It is not about getting somewhere or making a lot of money.  It’s about the vision they are fulfilling and enjoying the journey.  Even my chiropractor has a vision that he had on his wall.

For example, it’s not about a business venture that is there solely to make a lot of money or finding a job that will make you a lot of money. 

The long game is about building a business venture where the founder and the people have a vision for the contribution they will be making.  Or it is the employee that has a vision of what the overall picture of the contribution they are making to their organization. 

Prosperity Formula:  Affirmations

The first element of the prosperity formula is to get in the habit of saying an affirmation that speaks to you.  You think in affirmations all the time.  I am good.  I am bad.  I am healthy.  I am sick. 

Affirmations can be a powerful piece of the prosperity formula.

Instead of creating an affirmation based on how you feel or what you see, make sure you create and say an affirmation based on who you are becoming or what is coming to you even if you cannot see it in the material reality. 

This is like creating new pathways in the wilderness called your mind.  The more you practice your affirmation, the more robust the new pathway becomes.  Soon, it goes from a pencil thin path to a wider path.  Practice your affirmation daily.

Set Your Intention

When developing your personal prosperity formula, I recommend setting an intention.

An important element of the prosperity formula is to set an intention. 

What do you want to accomplish?  Who do you want to be? 

What do you want to experience?  What would it look like?

Allow yourself to visualize the whole scenario.  I recommend doing this daily even if it is just for 1 minute. 

Then, let it go and let your intention unfold naturally.

Is this it?  No, there is more!  Let us continue tying the site's concepts together in prosperity self help...

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