Prosperity Self Help:
Playing With Prosperity

Prosperity self help begins where prosperity formula ends.  If you have been navigating this site, and are not quite sure how to fit all of the pieces together, this is for you. 

As you play around with these ideas, you will find what combination works for you.  If there are any concepts that make you stretch yourself, practice those a little more often until you begin to master the concepts.  You will grow and develop as a person in new and exciting ways.

Part of prosperity self help is about investing in your passions.

As a reminder, prosperity is not just about money.  Prosperity also about the people with whom you have interactions, inner peace and more. 

I am taking you through the view of prosperity being holistic where you have the opportunity to live life in balance.  You may be surprised by the outcome!

Let us begin where we left off...

Prosperity Self Help:  Restoring Relationships

Something that makes a difference is to make sure you restore any relationships where you feel distance with another person (see How to Forgive Someone).  You can even do this for yourself.  A great place to start is with forgiveness. 

If you go with forgiveness, make sure you always start with forgiving yourself wherever you have regrets or are being hard on yourself.  Then, move onto to forgiving someone who is easy to forgive. 

As you progress, you will build the muscle to deal with the people who are harder to forgive.  Just keep practicing!

Prosperity Self Help:  Gratitude!

Gratitude!!  Practice gratitude!  You can even do this with someone where you experience distance between you and the other person.  Find one thing you feel grateful for with regards to that person.  Or practice being grateful for a situation. 

Gratitude is one of the foundations in prosperity self help.

I have a friend who wrote lists of what she was grateful for every day while she was looking for a new job.  After writing lists of what she was grateful for daily, she suddenly broke through finding a new job.

You don’t have to write a list of what you are grateful for daily.  If you wish to do that for 30 seconds mentally, you can create a mental list.  Do what works for you!

Prosperity Self Help:  Commit

Declare what you will accomplish and by when you will accomplish it.  Fully commit to it.  Don’t be wishy washy.  Carpe Diem, seize the day!  Then, make sure you acknowledge what you accomplished.

Committing to yourself and your prosperity is an important aspect of prosperity self help.  Commitment can move mountains.

If you fail, so what?  You will have learned one way not to accomplish your intention. 

When one path does not work, think of 3-4 more ways to accomplish your intention

If another pathway kind of works, see what you need to put in or take out.  Keep creating new actions that may help you fulfill on your intention.  Just don’t get too driven.  Relax into action, and allow new actions and opportunities to unfold before you.

If you hit a wall, find someone who has fulfilled on their intentions and see if you can collaborate on what you might do next.  Two heads are often better than one.

Prosperity And Tithing

Tithing.  Tithing is not just a Christian or a Jewish thing.  Tithing really does work (see Tithing).  Tithe what works for you to an organization or cause that seems to have the highest benefit. 

Tithe to organizations or causes that operate with integrity and honesty.  Donate to causes where it feels right. 

Prosperity Through Inner Peace

Going within is the ultimate prosperity self help.

Meditate, contemplate in prayer, or go out into nature.  Do whatever it is that allows you to go inward and practice being peaceful. 

Matthew McConaughey used to go on 21 day trips to places no one knew him to get away from it all and just allow himself to be. 

This is a great way to restore balance and detox mentally and spiritually.

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