The Law Of Attraction Tips

We continue where the law of attraction tips left off, and we continue the journey to expand your ability to tap into your ability to be prosperous. 

Some of these are a little different than what you may find elsewhere, and they are written from a perspective of having been there myself.  Whatever you do, know the road has been traveled and there is always a resource you can learn from.

The Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 1:  Follow Your Joy

I know, I know.  This almost sounds cliché nowadays. 

The law of attraction tips include a tip to do something you love every day even if it is taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around you.

However, I invite you to do at least one thing you love every day

It could be anything – reading your favorite book, watching the sun rise, taking a moment to breathe in some fresh air, starting that project or hobby you have been dreaming of doing, listening to kids laughing, ANYTHING

I have noticed that if I do something I love every day (or almost every day), it is almost as if I am feeding my soul.  I come alive, and that aliveness seeps into other areas of life as well.

The Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 2:  Confronting Fear

The law of attraction tips includes an opportunity to stretch yourself as you fulfill your intention.

Do something that are you are afraid of doing. 

I am not talking about something that you are really afraid of doing or something that would put you in an unsafe position. 

When I say do something you fear, I mean do something that will stretch you a little bit

I find that my greatest growth opportunities have been when I did something where I was at least a little bit afraid. 

I also have a tendency to perform better when I am a little afraid because I will put in the extra effort and think more critically about what I am doing.

The Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 3:  There Is Room To Fail

Give yourself room to fail.  The most successful people in life give themselves that room to fail.  This how you learn and grow.  If you have ever ridden a bike, I am pretty sure you fell down a few times.  Each time, you picked yourself back up and started riding your bike.  Each time you became better and better until you were able to stay up on your bike. 

The law of attraction tips include a tip to fail forward.  Success and growth is built on past failures.

Failing in life is no different. 

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time is quoted as saying: 

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

The Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 4:  Take Action Daily

Take small steps towards fulfilling your intention daily.  At the outset, taking one small step may not seem that big of a deal.  However, after 100 days, you can look back and see how far you have come.

The Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 5:  If You Get Stuck

If you get stuck, you can ask yourself what lesson can I learn from this?  How can I appreciate what is happening here? 

Or, if that doesn’t work, focus on something else for a little bit.  Have a rubber band fight, go hang out, do something that makes you laugh.  Sometimes stepping away from a situation can make all the difference.

The law of attraction tips includes a tip to focus your attention somewhere else if you get stuck.  Fun can make all the difference in getting you unstuck.

Putting The Tips Into Action

This is the end of the road as far as law of attraction tips go.  It is time to start playing with these tips.  Take one tip on weekly or even daily, and watch what opens up. 

Start with a tip that would be fairly easy where you can build a sense of accomplishment.  When you master that tip, go for playing with the next tip.  I look forward to hearing from you as you continue your journey of prosperity!

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