Law Of Attraction Tips

These law of attraction tips will help you enhance your ability to be prosperous, and operate from a prosperity mindset.  Some concepts have already been covered in attracting prosperity and the dynamic laws of prosperity.

In fact, if you did nothing else other than follow the ideas in the attracting prosperity page, you would go further than you could have ever imagined.

However, let’s get started in fine tuning your ability to be prosperous with these additional law of attraction tips.

Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 1:  What Is The Essence?

Law of Attraction Tips include playing with the essence of what you want.

The first part, is to become aware of the essence of what you want before you even go after the form. 

What do I mean by that.  Let’s say you want a new home.  Do you want just any new home? 

I think I have mentioned that I know people who have gone after what they think they want without considering the essence of what they want.

What would that new home feel like?  Would you experience more appreciation, freedom, fulfillment, peace?  Do you want the experience of nature? 

If you could have those things, what would it look like?  What would you experience?  How would you feel?  What would you see and hear? 

It’s entirely possible that if you wanted a home near nature that you could beautify your home with plants that you love.  Or it really good be being near a park, or a home that is in the country.  Ultimately, you get to decide what that looks like.  Don’t stop looking at what you could have.  Keep stretching your imagination.

Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 2:  Set Your Intention

Since I have covered setting your intention in a couple of pages, I will not spend a lot of time on this one.  This is the opportunity to set your intention and then let it go

Law of Attraction Tips also include setting your intention and then letting go of what it HAS to look like.

An intention could be that you want freedom to be creative in a job.  After you set that intention, be willing to notice all the places where you have that freedom to be creative.  You can be creative in finding more ways to have the freedom to be creative. 

Law Of Attraction Tips - Tip 3:  Living In Not Knowing

Another powerful opportunity is to not know how you would fulfill your intention

The uncertainty allows you to be creative and tap into your intuitive self.  You have room to be flexible, and you have more room to see opportunities that will fit within your intention. 

I personally love this and at other times I do not. 

Law of Attraction Tips also includes not knowing.  Not knowing is one of the most powerful places you can be in.  Not knowing allows you to tap into your best self and embrace your highest self.

However, when I allow myself to not know how an intention will be fulfilled, I usually get something better than what I was expecting

I am allowing myself to be in a place of wonder as the intention naturally unfolds. 

When I think that what I want has to look a certain way, I am no longer tapped into the “flow”. 

I end up going through a lot of self-doubt and agonizing. 

It’s almost like I have blinders on to the opportunities that may be arising around me.  I am certainly not in a place of appreciation and wonder in that case.  If I get what I think I want, I can sometimes be disappointed. 

The disappointment is not bad.  It is just an opportunity to stop, and think – “Hmm…  This is not exactly what I intended.  What do I need to do to course correct?” 

In Closing

These law of attraction tips will help you tap into your prosperity more effectively whether it is with money, relationships, family, career, creativity, fulfillment or whatever you set your mind to.


We are not done yet!  I have 4 more law of attraction tips for you to play with!

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