Tithe And Offering Q & A

Have more questions about how the tithe and offering work?  If so, this page is for you.  The questions and answers cover everything from tithing while in debt, to what do if offering tithes does not seem to impact the prosperity of you and others, to how often to tithe.

If you want to know how tithing and offering impact your spiritually, you even get some information on that!

Can You Stop Or Reduce Tithing As A Way To Help Pay Down Debts Faster? 

You could.  Ultimately, you have to do what works for you. 

Tithe and Offering:  a feeling of joy can be encapsulated in tithing as symbolized by the happy person jumping on the beach.

One of the things that I have discovered (for myself) is that when I reduced the amount of money that I tithed, so that I could attend another spiritual workshop, some of my joy lessened. 

I have worked on ways to ensure that I can do both by finding ways to reduce my expenses. 

Again, this is my experience.  You have to do what works for you.  Only give what you can tithe where you experience joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. 

If you can tithe some money from a place of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude, I have some additional tips you can try out in tithing while in debt.

What If Tithing Is Not Working?

If the money or time that you tithe is not coming back to you, there are a couple of things to consider. 

1) Are you tithing with joy, fulfillment, and gratitude?  If not, what is in the way?

2) Are you giving freely without expecting anything in return?

3) How beneficial is it to tithe to the organization you are tithing to?  Is there some shady stuff going on? Or is the organization, open, honest, transparent, and actually fully committed to being of service? 

Tithe and Offering:  tithing can encourage prosperity, but it can start like the grass growing amidst a cold frost as in this photo.

If all of those apply, keep tithing.  It’s like grass growing.  Things will be happening under the surface that you cannot see.  Over time, you will see multiple ways in which your tithing is having a positive affect on you and your community.

Should I Tithe 10% Of My Salary Before Or After Taxes?

This one is entirely up to you.  I personally like to tithe up to 10% of my entire salary before taxes are taken out.  Do what works for you!

Should I Report My Tithes As Donations On My Taxes? 

Absolutely.  This is money that you have already tithed.  If you feel compelled, you can always donate some or all of what you get back in taxes.

Tithing and Offering:  when considering what to tithe you may be pondering the same way as the man in this photo.

How Often Should I Give A Tithe And Offering? 

I think the standard recommendation is once a month.  However, if you feel compelled to tithe bi-weekly or every week, do that. 

In fact, you can even play around with it and see what works best for you.

What If I Want To Give More Than 10% Of My Income?

This is when giving a tithe and offering comes into play.  In some spiritual traditions, you give the first 10% to your spiritual community. 

Anything above and beyond that you give to whatever your favorite cause is whether it be the animal shelter, the food kitchen, or some other organization.

That said, you honestly can donate in whatever way you think will create the biggest impact for humanity and the earth.  So, if you feel that the biggest impact for humanity and the earth is tithing 12% to a food kitchen or an animal shelter, go for it!  In that case, the tithes and offering become one.

How Do A Tithe And Offering Impact The Human Energy Field? 

Tithe Offering:  Hands outlining the sun as if they are holding the sun.  The photo can also symbolize receiving a gift.

This is a really good question.  Few consider how a tithe and offering impacts the human energy field.

When you tithe to a soup kitchen, a spiritual community, or a food kitchen, your root chakra (basic chakra or basic energy field) receives a positive benefit. 

The basic chakra is responsible for material goods such as money, food, shelter, safety, and survival.

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