Vibrational Energy Healing:
The Next Frontier

What is vibrational energy healing, you may be wondering?  How can it help you?  What are the benefits?  Is this some kind of new-age, flaky thing that wannabe hippies use?

Well, first this is not a new-age, flaky thing that wannabe hippies use.  Vibrational energy healing is becoming more and more well-known.

In fact, energy healing is not really that new although certain types are newer than others. Some ancient practices are grounded in the concepts of spiritual energy healing such as Qigong and Tai Chi. 

While I would not consider acupuncture a complete energy healing system, it does use many of the same concepts.

What is Energy Healing

The philosophy of vibrational energy healing is that, fundamentally, we are made out of energy.  The Chinese call it Chi (Qi).  The Japanese call it ki.  Indians call it prana.  It is a life force that sustains us.  I am going to call it chi in this page.

At the same time, energy healing takes on the concept that we all have spiritual bodies.  I go into that in more detail in the human energy field section. 

The idea is that when something is not working as well as we would like, there are imbalances in our spiritual body.  Different types of vibrational energy healing can re-balance us.  But, it does not just re-balance one thing.

Energy healing is designed to treat the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.  You change one aspect of your life, and your whole life is impacted some way. 

My Experience of Vibrational Energy Healing

I personally find the effects of energy healing very re-warding.  It fills me up when I feel like I have been depleted.

I feel re-balanced when I feel like I have done too many left brain activities.  It is almost like going on a vacation without having to leave my home.

I have used energy healing to manifest money, many ideas to enhance my well-being and the well-being of others, and who knows what else.  The most important thing about energy healing is that my character has developed.  I have more compassion for people.

Real Life Examples

I will give you a specific example of ideas that I have received and manifested to enhance my well-being.  Remember, part of prosperity is manifesting ideas and then acting on them.

I have been diagnosed with what Western medicine would consider to be an incurable disease which is low thyroid with thyroid anti-bodies. 

However, I have this belief that when Western medicine says something is incurable, that just means they have not discovered
a way to re-balance the thyroid. 

It's a very powerful place to look because then new opportunities for action then arise that would otherwise be closed off if I was steadfast in believing what I am told.

I used some spiritual energy healing techniques on myself, and I ended up having way more energy than I had in years.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take into consideration how this would impact my thyroid medication.  Let us just say, I started having symptoms of a high thyroid.  I suspect my adrenals then crashed and my fatigue returned worse than ever.

I had a spiritual healer take a look at my adrenals, and he felt my adrenals were blown which is what my blood work showed.

I continued using energy healing techniques, but then I kept having synchronous events.  I was looking something up to help myself and others have better energy to exercise.  I kept finding new ways to not only supplement my energy, but also balance my hormones. 

Most of the time I found these new ways by what seemed to be a complete accident.  The important thing, though, is if I heard or thought about something, took action on it.

I was able to get off my prescription under doctor's supervision.  However, I still have to use supplements to manage my thyroid/adrenals. 

I have not found a way to have them completely re-balance on their own.  However, I keep getting closer and closer with each step I take.  And, that is the most fulfilling part - leaping into the unknown.

I have many, many amazing stories in this realm, but I will end here for the moment.


However, I do have to warn you - I have techniques that allow me to accurately determine whether a course of action is good or bad for me that is not dependent on intuition. 

It took a lot of work, commitment, and training by a someone who really knows what they are doing. 

So, if you want to try new things for your medical condition - please, please, please do it under the care of your doctor. Keep in mind, my results may not be your results.

DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only. cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.