What Is A Root Chakra?

You might be asking yourself, “what is a root chakra?”  How does this apply to prosperity?

Here, we will go into more depth on the root chakra.  The intention is you get more of a sense of the spiritual nature of the human make up, and how that can impact your prosperity.

Let’s start with a couple of general characteristics.  The root chakra is located at the base of the spine.  It is also denoted by a red color.

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The root chakra contains the essence of the following:

The source or root of one’s existence:

  • Family
  • Tribal

Material goods:

  • Money
  • Raw materials
  • Shelter

What Is A Root Chakra & Its Associated Meaning?

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The root chakra is a grounding chakra. It is the source of life.  Your response to your relationship to your direct family or even a collective identity (example: your surrounding community) can impact your root chakra.

This can show up in inspiring ways and darker ways.  The more inspiring way is that a community comes together to support a family who has fallen on hard times or a group of exercising women encouraging a new member.

The darker side of the tribal or familial essence of the root chakra might be something like soldiers looting destroyed homes.  When the soldiers are captured, they say something like, “I was just following orders.”  In this latter case, the tribal nature would be one in which a group of people fail to own the impact of their actions.

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What Is A Root Chakra:  
Potential Associated Subconscious Beliefs (Tribal Power)

There are a few themes of subconscious beliefs that can be contained within the root chakra.  The themes are:

  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Justice

The subconscious beliefs and patterns you hold can be impacted or connected to the root chakra.  These can be positive or negative patterns of behavior associated with subconscious beliefs.

Root Chakra & Loyalty

In uncovering the topic embodied in the question of "what is a root chakra", let’s start with Loyalty.

Loyalty can go either way.  You establish loyalty towards members of a team.  If you are leading that team, you might give everything you can to make sure they succeed. 

You might stand up for them even when doing so might be unpopular among your peers even if you are doing the right thing.  The people on the team will likely give you their loyalty and trust. 

However, loyalty can also be abused.  The worst kind of loyalty is the kind when a leader asks people to follow him or lose their job.  The leader then asks the followers to do unethical things.  Followers then continue doing things that are either ethically gray or unethical in the name of keeping their job. 

Both parts of loyalty, above, can either help you expand your root chakra or shrink it and have it be unbalanced.

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Root Chakra & Honor

In looking at how honor impacts one’s root chakra, let’s look at a couple of the following scenarios as below.

Loyalty and honor is something that binds a tribe together.  When you have honor, you have a sense of pride and dignity.  It’s an positive energy that permeates us spiritually and physically.

When you have honor, you do things like honor your word (i.e. what you say) and your commitments.  This is distinct from keeping your word.  Honoring your word is letting someone know you cannot keep an agreement as soon as you know and owning the impact.  Honoring your word is about managing expectations.  

For example, someone in your family needs to be rushed to the hospital.  At the same time, you had previously promised to attend a meeting that morning.  What you are most likely to do is take care of your family member and miss the meeting you promised to attend. 

You let people know what happened as soon as is feasible, and then take the actions that would support the people who attended the meeting.  The support you give could be as simple as asking another person to fill in for you while you are out (depending on the level of responsibility you have). 

If you are a leader who would move things forward, you find someone who can act in your stead and empower them to make the decisions needed while you are out.  Hopefully, people are also providing you support in whatever capacity is appropriate.

Root Chakra & Justice

The next lesson associated with the root chakra is justice.  While some think of justice as an “eye for an eye”, I want to propose another angle of justice.  Suppose that justice is divinely ordered.  Sometimes, someone can do something horrible to us, and we want pay back.

However, one can never know the full divine impact of why something had to happen the way it did.  Sometimes it is a blessing.  Sometimes, the person may receive justice in another way that you may never know about.  And, sometimes what one encounters is a lesson to learn.

As an example, there was a man who used to give a lot of negative reviews.  He went a little crazy with it.  Much later, he owned something like a small food truck.  He provided good service, and his meals were good. 

However, he could not understand why he kept getting negative reviews.  Someone pointed out that years earlier he used to provide many unfair, negative reviews. 

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That particular story has had such an impact that I now watch even what I post on social media after having less than stellar service from a business.  I might be upset or annoyed. However, rather than complain about it to someone who can’t do something about it, I let it go. 

If I continue to receive bad service, I take my business somewhere else.  Effectively, the business owner’s painful lesson became one that I took to heart so that I didn’t have to learn the same lesson.

Root Chakra & Material Goods

Another area that the root chakra represents is material goods.  This is where prosperity can come into play from the financial perspective as well.

Sometimes what gets in the way is our own subconscious thoughts about money.  Other times, we find that we easily attract smaller things before we attract those bigger material items. 

One thing that can impact the root chakra is tithing.  If you tithe money to an organization that is genuinely spreading good in the world (example: a dog shelter or soup kitchen), your root chakra is likely to expand.  If you steal money from someone, your root chakra is likely to shrink.

At the end of the day, this is a good reminder to be mindful of one’s character.

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