Positive Affirmation:
The Power To Create

Why talk about positive affirmations?  How powerful are they?  Before we get too far, let's take a look at the power of our word.

People don’t realize that we can use our words to create a whole world and that words are very powerful.  In this three part series, on positive affirmations, I am going to show you how you use your words to create.

The positive affirmation you create has the power to create the world you envision.

The first part, will end with the benefits of affirmations and some basics about affirmations. 

The second part is about showing you examples of affirmations and how to create them. 

The last part, you get to discover how to use positive affirmations in a way that works best for you.  You discover additional sample affirmations that are powerful that you can use.

Now, let’s go back to something.  What do I mean by your words can be used to create or destroy?

In the middle of the recession, in 2008, I had friends who were making more money than ever before.  They only spoke about the money they were making.

One friend in particular said that months earlier he said he was going to make a million dollars.  He had never made a million dollars before. 

A positive affirmation can encourage the ability to generate money as represented by these $100 bills.

He ran a fence building company that operated within a 20 mile radius in a particular city (it was not a megalopolis).  Within a year, he was making a million dollars in the middle of a recession. 

That is the power of words being used to create something.

How do we harness the power of the person who created the prosperity he envisioned?  First, let’s take a look at something that is not so obvious.

You Are Already Creating Affirmations

Consider that your stream of thoughts are a stream of affirmations and you just don’t realize it.  You may be walking around with a lot of negative self-talk – those are affirmations.

Every word that comes out of our mouths is a reflection of what we believe and what is really there for us.  If you have lots of negative thoughts, what you will get is a lot of what you don’t want.  A prime example is someone who complains all the time. 

Let’s look at something else.  Often people think that happiness can be found if a situation changes or someone else changes their behavior.  However, if you wait for a circumstance to change, you might be waiting a long time to be happy. 

Happiness starts with you, and a positive affirmation can support you in shifting your focus towards happiness.  Affirmations here:  "I am that I am.  I am one with the Divine Spark..."

Happiness starts within you.  Only YOU get to say how you act, behave, and feel about a circumstance. 

Ever hear Ghandi’s quote “Be the change that you want to see in the world?"  Again, it all starts with you.  So, this is your opportunity to stop giving your power away to people and situations.

Fortunately, a positive affirmation, coupled with positive emotion, can easily negate multiple negative affirmations.

Power Of Positive Affirmations: 
Making Your Subconscious Work For You

Positive affirmations and negative affirmations go to work on the conscious and subconscious mind.  When you have thoughts, there are usually images that correspond to what you think about. 

Positive affirmation:  "I am discerning" with stars in the background.

If you keep thinking the same thoughts, these things affect your subconscious – becoming your programming or a pattern. 

Your subconscious allows you to automatically respond and react to situations.  This is normally a good thing.  However, there are times when you inadvertently respond and react in a non-beneficial way out of stored beliefs, patterns or programs stored in your subconscious.

A positive affirmation will challenge and replace that negative programming with a positive programming – or pattern.

As you practice affirmations, the reactions that you have will start to alter.  The old programs “stuck” in your subconscious mind will be replaced with more empowering and powerful programs.

Said another way - when you change your focus and how you perceive a situation, the actions you take begin to alter.  Then, you get different results!

When the positive programs start to take hold, changes will begin to occur naturally and easily.

Let’s try a couple sample affirmations

After using a positive affirmation like in the video, focusing on being happy, prosperous, and healthy will be easier.  Mind follows thought here.  So, situations that used to bother you will stop bothering you so much.  How you react begins to change…

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