Karuna Reiki Benefits:
Taking Action With Compassion

Karuna Reiki benefits vary widely.  However, I want you to view this page from the perspective of how is this going to help you manifest prosperity or anything else you want in your life

Compassion is one of the Karuna Reiki benefits.  The photo of Buddha represents compassion.

Karuna Reiki is a different "flavor" of Reiki.  The foundation is compassionate action taken with wisdom.

There is no type of Reiki that is better than another.  There are just different flavors of Reiki from the foundations of Reiki in  Reiki spiritual healing to Sekhem.

Is there any version of Reiki that is more likely to help you manifest what you want?  No.  And, here is why. 

I have training in each of these types of Reiki.  So, I use them in combination for what you need. 

Now, I will say that I do use certain meditations on a regular basis to facilitate my ability to manifest the most effectively.  I use those in combination with Reiki.  I will include information a bit later.

Short List Of Karuna Reiki Benefits

What I love about Karuna Reiki is that it goes very deep, very quickly.  However, Karuna Reiki is gentle.

White lotus flower on blue water representing the gentleness of Karuna Reiki benefits.

It will not make you "re-live" past experiences that are being healed. 

That means you do not have to have a deep intense, emotional experience for a past trauma to be released and healed. 

The release of cellular memory stuck in body can be gently facilitated

Why is this important in manifesting?  Well, if you want to manifest prosperity and your heart's desires in the highest way with the greatest ease, clearing out dense blockages is very helpful. 

The best analogy I have is that it is kind of like Michelangelo chipping away everything that is not David.  Whatever is not serving you has an opportunity to be released and transformed.

Ultimately, the Karuna Reiki benefits that you can see/experience are things like:

  • Having compassion for ourselves and others.  That could mean you eat a healthier diet, exercise, or meditate.
  • Facilitation of Divines inspiration that you can manifest in physical reality.
  • Clear communication that has the best positive impact on you and others.
  • Enhancement of motor skills, athletics, and creativity.
  • Facilitating closing relationships in a healthy way and re-building them if desired.
  • Facilitating the release of blockages like the fear of success and the fear of failure.

Karuna Reiki Benefits:  Facilitating Manifesting Goals

Karuna Reiki benefits include the possibility of having those ideas that galvanize you into action.  The photo of helping hands represent that action.

Karuna can help put our dreams, goals visions into action while taking action that has the greatest positive impact.

Using a positive affirmation will enhance the power of Karuna Reiki.  You might have an affirmation like "I am happy".  "I am making a difference."  "I am with the people I love." 

Then, you can use mind visualization to see yourself fulfilling on each of these affirmations.

Too Many Goals?  No Problem

This type of healing facilitates prioritizing goals.  This may seem a little "out there".  However, you can view goals as pure energy.  When you do that, it can be easier to prioritize goals according to which one will have the greatest positive impact on you and others. 

You find it easier to stay focused on your goals and bring them to completion.  You will also notice synchronicities that arise to help you manifest your goal in a way that brings you joy and harmony.

Living From The Heart

Karuna Reiki benefits include encouraging you to see your own inner light and being true to yourself.  Sunrise over water is designed to help put you in that frame of mind.

Karuna can help you stop living according to what you think others expect of you.  This one was really hard for me.

The problem with living according to what you think others expect, is that you begin to lose who you are.  It is one of the most deadening things you can do to yourself. 

Karuna can help you stop taking on responsibilities that are not yours.  This frees you up and frees others up.  Others can then grow and develop at a whole new level. 

What then becomes available is you can begin to connect with your heart.  You connect to doing what you love and living your own creative expression

And, then you become an example that others can follow.

Facilitating Peace Of Mind & Trust

Karuna Reiki benefits include facilitating peace and promote trust.  It is the kind of trust where you release worries, anxieties, goals, and visions. 

What the heck does that mean? 

What this means is you set an intention.  Then, you release the intention and allow the intention to be fulfilled in the best way possible.

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