Law Of Attraction Visualization

Law of attraction visualization, does it work?  There are a number of factors that can impact visualization.  Visualization increases the likelihood of you attracting what you want.  

Visualization is about enjoying the journey vs. the destination.  I don’t know about you, AND if I am depending on the result providing me joy, there is often a lot of suffering on the way.  It is exhausting to think about.  When one does hit the end result, that joy and happiness is fleeting. 

When I focus more on visualization and the experience I intend to feel, visualization helps me enjoy the journey the entire way there.  These visualization tips can give you little more access to enjoying the journey.  One of the tips talks about beginning with the end in mind.

Let us delve further into how you might start the visualization process...

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Law Of Attraction Visualization Exercise

Let us take it one step further.  When you visualize, come from that you already have completed your goal.  

From there, how does that make you feel?  What is the essence of that experience?  Do you have joy, love, fulfillment?  What new actions do you see that you can now take?  Who would you talk to?  What kinds of conversations would you have?

Then, carry that experience with you throughout the day.  The more you are being joyful, love, and fulfilled, the more you are likely to attract more of those kinds of experiences.  Why?  Because you are already being that right now.

law of attraction visualization symbolized by light between two fingers.

Law Of Attraction Visualization Example

As an example, I was once participating in a particular program.  That particular month, the goal was to notice what brought one joy every day for 30 days. 

It was tough at first because I thought one had to have some significant event happen.  I actually found that I had to bring forth that inner joy versus depending on something external to myself.

The result was that I felt joy watching the leaves dance in the wind.  I experienced joy watching the soft morning light glide past the trees to land on the cover my bed.

Okay, I became a little poetic there, and I think you get the point.  You can start with visualizing small things that are easier for you.  Then, work up to bigger things.  Visualization and experiencing the essence of what you want makes one magnetic.

When I focused on being joyful and fulfilled, my interactions with people were so much more enriching.

Joy is magnetic.  Joy gives one the ability to attract prosperity whether it be material goods, richer relationship, or a richer experience of life itself.

Bringing A High Degree Of Intention To Visualization

Setting an intention is a key element in visualization.  There are different flavors of setting an intention.  

One important element of setting an intention is to create one, and then let it go.  The important thing here is to not get attached or have a lot of suffering if what you want does not manifest in the time frame that you want.

Law of attraction visualization adjacent saying.

The other flavor of setting intention is where you bring a high degree of intention to what you are out to fulfill on.  A high degree of intention is a little different from "I am going to make something happen".  Instead, there is an element of "this shall be".

You begin with the end in mind.  When you are taking action, you truly are living the EXPERIENCE of your goal already being fulfilled.  It's a firm, assertive intention.

If you look at a situation, inside of "this shall be", there is an opportunity to see 4 pathways to fulfilling on your intended outcome.  If one pathway doesn't work, you start the next one in action.  If that fails, you take the next step.

An intention is not where you have the thought of, "well, maybe it will happen.  Maybe it won't."  If you are looking at a situation from that perspective, you are unlikely to fulfill on your intention.  

You have to be the rock, a stand.  It means dealing with everything that is in the way of you being that rock.  When you are that rock for yourself, others will naturally rise up to help you.

Law of attraction visualization symbolized by being the rock.

There is also being double headed.  If what you want is not your path, then no matter how hard you try, you will make no headway.  You have to be willing to pivot.  

For example, I really, really want to lead Communication Courses for a training and development company.  I never fulfilled on the requirements to lead Communication Courses.

What happened instead is I found other outlets to be Communication.  I developed a Communication slide deck for an organization.  It didn't take off.  

However, what I gained from it was really learning how to manage expectations and provide a high degree of communication that others then started to take on in projects that I managed.  Instead of leading Communication Courses for a company, I became the person that led and facilitated Communication with people in my life.

The point is, don't get hung up on having your intention look a certain way.  The essence of the intention is more important than how the intention ends up looking in the material world.  Sometimes what you end up creating has to morph.

law of attraction visualization:  be the energy you wish to attract written on a napkin.

Tips For Removing Impediments To Visualization

What if you are still having trouble using law of attraction visualization to help you to fulfill your goal?  Another potential impediment could be the subconscious.  You may have to work on eliminating disempowering beliefs that you have.

Someone who is a keen listener can help you see some of the disempowering beliefs you have around money, finances, prosperity, good relationships, etc. 

If you don’t have directed prayer requests or something spiritual in nature to help, one way that you can attempt to retrain your brain is using affirmations and gratitude.

Sometimes those subconscious beliefs go deep.  If so, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can provide you with some additional tools and techniques that may help.

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