Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is made up of many layers and is very complex.  We will also call this your subtle body.  I will not go into everything here as there are many, many levels about this topic. 

You can consider your subtle body to be a part of the soul.  As mentioned in the human energy field page, your subtle body contains meridians, chakras (major and minor), the aura, etc.  In addition, you will see things like the astral level body and the causal body.

When doing healing, it is your spiritual body that is impacted first.  Balancing well-being (whether physical, financial, relationship, etc.) is often easier to facilitate healing at this level first. 

Whatever balancing you get in your subtle body will very likely also show up in the mental body, astral emotional body, and physical body as these are all connected.

What Impacts Your Spiritual Body?

Your subtle body can be negatively impacted if you keep having negative thoughts about a situation, or stressing about something.  Then, your actions will follow thought. 

An example could be when you are worried about money or how you want to contribute, your actions will be colored by that worry or stress.  You will not get the best outcome possible then.

By the same token, if you are being completely loving, generous, and kind about whatever situation you are in, you will produce the best outcome.  This can be in the form of loving what you do, appreciating someone, or loving the person you are with.

The Role of Karma

Your subtle body is where the imprint of all of your karmic lessons reside.  If you have a karmic imprint from that was from negative thoughts, actions then those can be healed and resolved

If they are not healed and resolved, then you will have experiences that show up as some kind of lesson whether that be in relationships, financial, work-related or many other areas.  If the karmic imprint is not resolved in this lifetime, it can be carried onto the next lifetime. 

Sometimes the impact of that karmic imprint will not be so obvious until you do a lot of growth and development.  As you grow and develop, who you are expands.  There may be karmic imprints that you then have to deal with. 

In some circles, this is called paying one's karmic debt.

Resolving the Negative Impact on Your Subtle Body

How do you heal or resolve the negative karmic lessons or at least make it easier to go through them?  There are many,
many ways. 

You can have a spiritual energy healing, you can attend a workshop of a powerful spiritual healer (more on what to look for soon). 

In addition, there is actually a very good meditation called Karmic Repair.  You can use that to clean up any karmic imprints. 

For me, I personally use the karmic repair mediation daily as part of my ability to manifest prosperityIf you are going through a really rough time, then you would do this meditation 2 times a day.

Please NOTE:  I do not make anything for recommending the meditation above.  I am sharing it with you as I happen to love that meditation.

DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only.  Create-prosperity.com cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.

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